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Dale Cooper

Dale Cooper

When you hear the name Dale Cooper, you might think back to “Twin Peaks” and its quirky FBI detective. Well, this gay porn sensation named himself Dale Cooper because, like the character in the show, around him you feel safe, protected, and always perfectly at ease. This is good because it helps those boys ease up their anal muscles, letting Dale insert his humongous wang up their buttholes and pound them like a sledgehammer. Aside from his well-sculpted junk, Dale also sports one of the finest pairs of ass cheeks in the biz. It’s no wonder guys always volunteer to eat out his button-hole butt before offering to fill it with their throb knob. Dale is the kind of versatile actor who feels right at home mounting a twink and doing some top-heavy slamming, or bending over and being the submissive bottom for some grizzly bear to go to town in his ass. He sucks a mean dick and knows all the ball-pleasing and ass-teasing extras to throw in, while guys simply drool their faces off getting ready to taste his cock offering. With his Don Draper hair, his permanent 5 o’clock shadow, and that mysterious deep gaze in his eyes, Dale could ossify pricks in seconds with his pretty face alone. He keeps his body healthy and strong because performance fucking is his passion, and he stays on top of his game. Every thrust and every orgasm by Dale is genuine, because why bother acting when you’re doing porn? A true ding-dong lover at heart, Dale does it right!
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