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Jake Cruise
Jake Cruise
He’s the porno daddy who’s sucked the finest cocks in the biz—he’s living legend Jake Cruise, the self-titled ‘unexpected pornstar’. Originally a corporate web programmer (and he still looks like a corporate web programmer, and nothing like a gay porn mogul), Jake got into the industry in 2002 by starting his own sites and making his own content. A graying, balding, average-looking guy, he shocked the world with his success in starring in his own insanely hot films. Looks can be deceiving; behind his pleasant and normal demeanor lays a passionate performer able to fuck wildly on screen with an assortment of porn’s hottest twinks, jocks and hunks. Besides the hundreds of films he’s starred in, over the last decade, are the hundreds he’s directed. He’s even branched into making porno starring women along with his muscled stable of studs in the “Straight Guys for Gay Eyes” website and series. Now that he’s in his 50s, he’s started to slow down, and pornography is taking a backseat to golf and his passion for animal rights. Since his whole appeal is built around his big-daddy vibe, age is no barrier to his attractiveness, so we might see him in porn again soon.
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