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Landon Conrad

Landon Conrad

Whether hammering away from the top position, or pumping away as a power-bottom, Landon Conrad’s sheer strength, skill, and homo prowess always deliver some serious hardcore action. He’s got the body of an Olympic gymnast, the mind of a filthy pervert, and the cock of a real galloping stallion. Landon is a gym enthusiast, and his toned, muscly pecs and thighs really prove it. He keeps his body moderately hairy and his balls shaved clean like a turtle shell. This guy is a genuine cock-lover, and when he gives a blowjob, he’s making mouth marriage to those throbbing shafts. Landon always knows how to treat an asshole right before taking it to bed. He preps with some oral appetizers and some delicate finger foods, but in the end, Landon always takes that anus to pound town. When dudes want to rip into his backdoor, they first gotta work hard to pry apart his tight and taut butt cheeks. It’s an effort worth making, because Landon’s ass is a highway to a hell of a fine time. This stud took a few years to discover his true calling as a gay porn icon, but when he turned 31, he knew what he had to do. Since then, he’s been killing it at Falco Studios, Raging Stallion, and Men.com. If you want to see how real men fuck other real men and never wince at the hardest ass-thrusting or juiciest facials, then Landon Conrad will show you the way.
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