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Lucio Saints

Lucio Saints

What is it about Mediterranean men that makes all the girls gooey in their pants? More specifically, what is it about gay Spaniards that have chicks cursing the fact that they can’t be in the boys club? Lucio Saints is a prime example of some serious Iberian beefcake that will turn even the straightest, conservative, republican, religious zealot into a cock-slobbering butt boy. Lucio is a model with tanned skin, shorn hair and a scruffy face. His dark eyes are portals to homo wonderlands, and his mouth is the grand central station of incoming and outgoing cock trains. With some serious tats across his chest, he’s no prison bait, but he can role-play the comforting cellmate if you so desire. Lucio likes to keep fit and cut, and his workouts include hitting the gym and pounding those asses in equal rotation. Finally, there’s his long and uncut cock, with his always-taut ball sack ready to heave out some salty population paste. His swollen dick-head knows the ins and outs of assholes so well that it should have a degree in anal cartography. Lucio is as much a taker as a giver, always ready to throw his legs over his head to present his handsome butt-gorge to a lucky co-stud. After the gaping has reached max elasticity, the only question remaining for Lucio is whether to get a hot facial or guzzle down that nut sauce.
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