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Maya Hills

Maya Hills

Once upon a time, if you misbehaved in the USSR, you might’ve been given a first-class ticket to Siberia – home of snow, labor camps, and white tigers. Nowadays, there’s only one deadly Siberian kitty worth mentioning, and she’s called Maya Hills. If this were the old days, you’d gladly sign up for a trip up to Northern Russia, if only to catch a glimpse of Maya traipsing through the snow. Thanks to modern technology and the freedoms of the modern world, you can now enjoy Maya’s awesome hotness and insane suck–and fuck frenzy from the comfort of your office bathroom stall on a mobile phone. Starting up top, Maya’s got the face of a vixen with burrowing eyes that will grab your soul and wring its energy right down to your balls. She’s got balloon-like D-cup tits that seem to pulsate from her horny heart, and a hot pink vajay that swells out to a flowering football shape when she gets that dick fever. Maya is all about sharing, barely letting her pussy get all the fun without moving that flesh rod around the back to her hungry butthole. Looking at her ass, you’d never think she could even fit a finger in there since it’s so tight. But after her dick-to-ass conference, that thing gapes like a hollowed oak tree after it gets its fair share of arboreal penetration. Maya is one Russian slut who’ll bring you to your hands and knees just to eye-fuck her toes.
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Born: 1987-08-21
Birthplace: West Siberia, Russian Federation
Height: 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
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