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So. I just had phenomenal sex.

Started watching some porn together, started wanking him off... Then started sucking his cock. Teased him a little by rubbing the tip around my lips, licking, kissing. Then slowly wrapped my lips around his cock, and slid it right down my throat, YES!!! I then covered my big tits in lube, and squeezed his cock in between and started fucking him with my beauties ( had to stop at least 8 times as he was about to blow his load all over them, but of course i teased him a little more, right to the edge of climax, making him hovver in the pleasure zone.)

Then, he bent me over and started slamming his massive cock into my dripping wet pussy, me playing with my clit LORD KNOWS HOW I DIDNT CUM WITHIN SECONDS. Then, he threw me onto my back, and started pounding and pounding i could hear my pussy it was so fucking wet. Me continuing playing with my throbbing clit, dying to release, i had the best orgasm i could have had, screaming with pleasure. Then i pushed him onto the sofa and started riding the fuck out of his dick. Hot, sweaty and full of passion, yet dominance. He was sucking on my hard nipples, squeezing and slapping my big plump ass *FUCK*. The sofa had moved at least 4ft, until he squeezed my waist and fucked me so fucking hard. The feel of his cum exploding into me could have made me climax again, it did make me climax again. Best fuck ever.
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I need a bbw in my life 😏😉
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