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Sexy Cody Lane gets DPed hardcore

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From:  Unknown
Pornstars:  Cody Lane +
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Categories:  Orgy, Cumshots, Pornstar, Teen, Rough Sex +
Added on: 5 years ago
Featured on: 5 years ago
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Top Comments
  • bi-curious-man 1 year ago
    hardcore my ass. all here stiff is soft. poor baby is to scared to make a real porno.
  • Perv3rt 6 months ago
    Mmh. Love seeing whores getting punded like that. I wanna see her roughed up worse than that.
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  • wetandwild45 1 year ago
    I want to do that... So fucken hot...
  • lickyloco 1 year ago
    how the hell can i convince my wife to take part in something like this she would be so lovly
  • hollyslut1 1 year ago
    wow this is sooo hot
  • fuckslave 1 year ago
    Love all the choking.
  • Hollisterguy 2 years ago
    damn i wish was them
  • QBoogie79 2 years ago
    wayyyy too many guys for me but she took it like a champ. i love this vid, she did look like she was dying sometimes though lol
  • BigBoobsAddict 2 years ago
    definatly one of my favorite vids. Cody Lane makes the fucking sexiest noises as she's getting the shit fucked out of her. This is one of her best!
  • 23198 2 years ago
    This is just...terrible. She didn't look like she was enjoying that at all. Gross -__-
  • atz123ify 2 years ago
    everybody who is being sympathetic for her, there is another video of her doing this exact same thing, just as hardcore....maybe even a tad worse than this. some chicks enjoy the complete helplessness and degradation....this isn't bad, look at the kink. com shit with bondage and stuff.....this isn't hardcored degradation. she is just a nasty girl and she likes this kind of punishment. or either she really really needed the money.
  • isick2121 2 years ago
    one of my fav vids, she gets demolished and then covered with jizz
  • Stanzi 2 years ago
    i need to be fucked
  • Georgieuk 2 years ago
    Past borderline, this is abuse and she didn't enjoy that - I think they get the women to say they are ok with it at the end so they don't all end up in court. And I bet she didn't know the extent of that degradation when she woke up for it poor girl. Be nice to see rough sex with respect. I like being choked a bit (by someone I trust) but slapping+this seemed nasty. If you guys think girls deserve this just coz they're paid you're fucked up
    • SexistPigPornAdict 5 months ago
      Degradation is hot. Abuse is hot. "Rough sex with respect"?!? FUCK DAT SHIT! This bitch loved every minute - and who cares if she didn't? Porn is all about us men and getting our nuts off. Stick with vanilla porn u faggot or whatever the fuck you are.
  • jjrebimbas 2 years ago
    I would love to be her :)
    • SexistPigPornAdict 5 months ago
      You got the right attitude baby. It's all about us men getting off. I don't really give a fuck if you get off or not. Just concentrate completely on MY pleasure..
  • Jalaxxbabe 2 years ago
    that is 1 hot girl and can take a hard fuck!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cvg1337 2 years ago
    she doesnt seem to like the slapping
  • Unknown
    Unknown 2 years ago
  • thor1923 2 years ago
    amazing!! one of the best vids
  • bendercock 2 years ago
    Kurohadol - 3 months ago
    this girl got passed around like a fat blunt in a room full of stoners.

  • bigtitsho 2 years ago
    This was really great porn, except maybe for the choking (i never got what that's all about) and her manga noises (I mean come on, what is this, a fuckin' hentai?)...but still my pussy's all wet and the fucking was good.
  • Punisher4bmw 2 years ago
    Hardcore team deathmatch :D:)):)
  • Maritt 4 years ago
    aw c'mon she LOVES it! She's making good money too. Don't feel sorry for her at all.
  • kirkles 4 years ago
    30:23 why the hell is that guy looking out the window?
  • Verified Member
    lilteefy745 4 years ago
    id love to see my girl gettin fucked like this
  • matt893 5 years ago
    bitch gets what she deserves
  • youngstud19 5 years ago
    you know what , maybe its because i was taught you never hit a woman but i find this shit fucked up to the extreme and yeah she prob got paid some nice money for it and i dont blame cdy but those guys strangling her and shit i dont care if your a pornstar or what thats fucked up . and ive shagged girls rough pulling their hair tyt and making thr arse cheeks red 2 the max , but Strangling and slapping a beautifull girl like this ? these men have issues and i get maybe if your well horny u might like this vid but listen if your a man just after youve cum watch this and tell me its right . i know its fun blah blah but nah in some of her vids shes having fun and enjoying it in this she wdnt kiss ne of these motherfuckers evn before they fucked her arse. cody lane = princess and you dont treat princesses like this . i dont give a fuck if u all flame me that jus my piece .
  • PornoFiend 5 years ago
    good girl
  • likmypussy1980 5 years ago
    I would take all those guys and I would fucking LOVE it
  • Unknown
    Unknown 5 years ago
    amazing vid
  • Tony YaYo 5 years ago
    she did not like this one bit
  • vanillamelissa 5 years ago
    holy shit, i dont think i could handle this
  • robadubmarley 5 years ago
    I dunno about you, but i wanna fuck a girl with those cool ass boots. I've seen the light, it really helps take a major distraction in life (shoe laces).
    Also notice the guy jerking it to...well nobody really knows what the fuck he is masturbating to @ 30:20 ..... will somebody ever solve the mystery of the magical Gangbang window?....
  • metalhead15 5 years ago
    jesus christ what a dirty whore. I wonder how her paarents feel about it? Actually I don't care. I wish they would've treated her a little bit worse just so she really feels bad about her career choice
  • spazman 5 years ago
    wake up whore...time to get fucked silly!
  • toddster87 5 years ago
    This is like a real life hentai. Fuckin' hot though.
  • MZSEXALIOUZ 5 years ago
    omg do diz 2 meh
  • robadubmarley 5 years ago
    I came at the last second..... thanks to... SUPER MINION!
  • adophius 5 years ago
    i mean really...she's being slapped by 5 dicks & chocked out. she can't possibly love herself. oh well, bad for her but good porn for us.
  • adophius 5 years ago
    you see the look on her "what the fuck did i sign-up too do the scene??? why??? have i lost my fucking mind?"

    yeah, it's too dmn late noe you better get to the fucking...dumb bitch.
  • fatbot22 5 years ago
    movie is gangband auditions 20. if u watch the bonus scenes you can see her in the real pain that she is in. some dude used a mint lube and she almost cried.
  • SwabBe 5 years ago
    huh. she kinda looks like 'Megan Fox' from 'Transformers (2007)' most of the time. interesting.
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