Meghan Markle Searches

On November 27 it was officially announced that Prince Harry would wed American actress Meghan Markle. While most royal Pornhub searches are contained to parody characters like Princess Peach and Princess Leia, the engagement announcement none-the-less caused a massive search increase for soon-to-be princess Meghan Markle.

The increased searches came not only from her future subjects in Britain, but from Royal family fans and romantics around the world. The biggest search increase came from the United States (+2273%), followed by the U.K. (+2242%), Spain (+2193%), Germany (+2167%) and Belgium (+2011%).

Proportionately, it was men who were 51% more likely to search for Meghan Markle compared to women, and the popularity of searches increased by age group. When compared to all other ages, visitors aged 18-24 were proportionately -65% less likely to search for Meghan, while those over the age of 65 were +249% more likely.

The engagement announcement wasn’t the first time Pornhub’s visitors showed increased interest in Meghan Markle. In November of 2016 when it first became public that she was dating Prince Harry, searches shot up by 1430%.

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