Happy MILF’s Day!

The first Sunday of every May is Mother’s Day – a special day set aside to show your mom how much you appreciate her. At Pornhub we prefer to celebrate MILF’s Day and show our appreciation for other people’s moms. In collaboration with our friends at Mic.com, we checked to see how much Pornhub’s visitors love moms, seeing as ‘MILF’ (Mom I’d Like to Fuck) and ‘mom’ have remained two of the top searches on Pornhub for several years. Now before you jump to any conclusions, searching for ‘mom’ is just a common way to see videos featuring mature and experienced ladies, and as we discovered in our 2015 Year in Review, there’s a growing trend toward more specific searches for ‘step mom’.

Many holidays such as Thanksgiving and Easter will cause related searches to increase, and MILF’s Day is no exception. On May 10, 2015 we found that searches containing ‘MILF’ or ‘mom’ increased by 190%, which is a very significant amount considering the popularity of these two terms.


Currently, ‘step mom’ outranks both ‘MILF’ and ‘mom’ in search volume, followed by ‘friends mom’. Videos featuring a ‘step mom and son’ are more popular than ‘step mom and daughter’, although ‘mom and daughter’s boyfriend’ are quite popular as well – oh the scandal!


Many of Pornhub’s most popular pornstars classify themselves ‘MILF’, to indicate that they’re mature and experienced ladies. The following list shows the pornstars who are most often searched with the words ‘MILF’ or ‘mom’. It’s no surprise to see ‘Lisa Ann’ top the list, perhaps the most famous MILF pornstar.

While Lisa Ann has never given birth to any children, ‘Farrah Abraham’ definitely has. She became famous on the reality TV series Teen Mom and even more famous after the release of her sex tape. Another reality TV star and real-life mom Kim Kardashian doesn’t make it onto our top MILF list, even though she’s one of the most searched pornstars on Pornhub.


Of course everyone love their own moms, but certain parts of the United States love watching other people’s moms more than others. Congratulations Iowa – you’re the biggest mom loving state, followed by Vermont, West Virginia, Nebraska and Texas. The states who proportionately search for ‘mom’ and ‘MILF’ the least are Alaska, Hawaii, Delaware, Maryland and Nevada.


Worldwide, we found that Greece is the number one mother loving nation. They’re followed by other European countries like Romania, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Ireland. Other top ‘mom’ and ‘MILF’ searching nations include Australia, the United States and Canada.


Now that we know where people are searching for mom porn, let’s take a look at who is searching for it. Pornhub visitors aged 18-24 years old are 23% more likely to search for ‘step mom’ porn compared to all other age groups, but they’re 14% less likely to search for ‘MILF’. The popularity of ‘MILF’ grows by age, peaking with the 55 to 64 age group, who are proportionately 27% more likely to search for ‘MILF’, but 12% less likely to search for ‘step mom’ compared to all other ages.

Proportionately, men are 80% more likely to search for ‘MILF’ and 32% more likely to search for ‘step mom’ compared to their female counterparts.


Before we wrap up this matronly edition of Insights, we’d like to pay tribute to one other group of ladies. ‘Granny’ and ‘GILF’ (Grandma I’d Like to Fuck) videos are popular, especially with our older age visitors. The following shows the most popular searches related to ‘granny’ porn and includes terms like ‘hot granny’, ‘very old granny’, ‘british granny’ and ‘granny huge tits’. And of course, who doesn’t like a nice ‘granny creampie’.


Thank you for joining us on this edition of Pornhub Insights. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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