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Pornography of any sort is officially banned in North Korea, but Google Analytics does still report regular incoming traffic — albeit only a few thousand visitors to Pornhub over the course of 2016 and 2017. While much less than the 80 million visitors arriving at Pornhub each and every day, it’s still enough traffic for our statisticians to make some generalizations about what type of porn is most often watched in North Korea, and how it’s consumed. The folks at Inverse checked in to see what Insights we found.

The most searched for terms from North Korea include many different nationalities including “Chinese”, “Mongolian”, “Japanese”, “Korean” (nsfw), “Swedish” and “Indonesian”.

The most viewed categories of porn include Japanese, Asian, Big Tits and Cartoon. The Korean category falls into ninth spot. Most other countries we have studied tend to search for and view porn featuring their fellow citizens more than any other type, so this may support the idea that searches in North Korea are coming from foreign visitors to the country.

While the tablet proportion of traffic (11%) is consistent with most other parts of the world, North Korea’s smartphone traffic (36%) is much smaller than elsewhere, and desktop/laptop traffic still accounts for more than half of all visits. Worldwide, mobile devices account for more than 75% of all traffic to Pornhub.

Worldwide traffic from iPhone and Android mobile devices is roughly equal (with Android slightly in the lead), but in North Korea Apple devices are 2.5x more popular than Android. Desktop traffic from MacOS accounts for a larger proportion of traffic in North Korea compared to worldwide, where most people are still using Windows based computers.

Worldwide, Google’s Chrome browser makes up 51% of all traffic coming to Pornhub, but in North Korea it’s much less at 32%. Much of that difference is made up with Apple’s Safari browser, accounting for 32% in North Korea but only 9% elsewhere in the world.

To see how North Korea compares to other countries worldwide, please check out our most recent Pornhub Insights Year in Review.

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