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As Brazil was the focus of the world this past summer, it sparked our Pornhub statisticians to look into the porn viewing habits of Brazilians and see what insights we could share. So without further ado…


Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world, both by geographical area and by population. More importantly, Brazil and its nearly 200 million porn loving citizens are the 8th most trafficked country to Pornhub.


More Brazilians visit Pornhub on Mondays than any other day of the week, and they’re least likely to visit on Saturday. We found much the same results in our 2013 Year in Review.


January set the record for the most visits from Brazil, while June become the least visited month. In 2012 and 2013 it was September and February that were the most and least popular respectively.

Brazilwood – Hard wood or soft wood?

The average Brazilian spends about 8 minutes 3 seconds each time they visit Pornhub and looks at 6.4 pages. That’s well below the world average of 8 minutes 56 seconds and 7.6 pages.


That doesn’t necessarily mean that Brazilians swap their hardwood for softwood any faster. They might just be better at finding the right video on Pornhub to get the job done.

The following heat map shows us what regions have the longest and shortest durations, as well as the most and least pages viewed.

The northern region of Amapa has the longest duration visits at 9 mins 41 secs, however it also sends the least amount of traffic to Pornhub. Para has the second longest duration at 8 mins 44 secs, but sends 12x more traffic to Pornhub than Amapa.

The quickest region to come and go is Pernambuco at only 7 mins 41 seconds. They also view the least number of pages while there – only 5.86.
Paraiba views the most pages (7.44) by a pretty wide margin and it also ranks 7th for overall traffic to Pornhub.


The regions that send the most traffic to Pornhub are Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Sao Paulo sticks around for 8 mins 6 seconds and views 6.58 pages. Rio de Janeiro comes close at 8 mins 7 secs, but only views 6.36 pages on average.


Brazilian Bliss

The two most popular search terms are “Brazil” and “Brazilian”. We’ve combined those with the results for “Brasil” and “Brasilian” respectively. That’s a trend we’ve discovered the world over, where people search the most for videos with their own nationality or ethnicity. For example, Germans search for Germany and Mexicans search for Mexicana.


The only region where another term appears in the top position is Paraiba, where they search for “xxx”. Another very common term throughout Brazil is “panteras”, which means panther but also known as a “cougar” elsewhere in the world. Conversely, searches for “teen” videos are also very popular.

Use the drop-down list in the upper right corner of the following chart to see the top search terms by region.

Brazilian Babes

Brazil has a very high proportion of pornstar names in their top searches. Out of the top 30 terms, half are pornstar names. By far the most popular one is Brazilian babe “Julia Paes” (link NSFW) who hails from Sao Paulo. In fact most of Brazil’s most searched for pornstars are from Brazil, including Marcia Imperator, Vivi Fernandex, Bruna Ferraz, Monica Mattos, Cinthia Santos and Alexandre Frota.


We’re not sure if Brazilians have a higher than normal interest in homegrown beauties or perhaps Brazil is just a breeding ground for incredibly hot pornstars. Either way it’s a win win situation for Brazilians.

Two male pornstars are among Brazil’s most searched – Kid Bengala and Alexandre Frota who both happen to be Brazilian as well. It seems the Brazilian pornstar gene is not limited to the x or y chromosome.

Brazilian Breaks

We’ve seen before that holidays and events can affect traffic to Pornhub, and Brazil is no exception. Christmas Eve sees a 25% drop in traffic to our site, but that’s nothing compared to New Year’s Eve when 35% less Brazilians visit Pornhub. At the beginning of May we also see a drop of 10-15% during Carnival.


During the 2014 World Cup traffic was up and down all over the world as fans tuned in to watch their country play. On June 12 when the games kicked off, we recorded a 20% drop in traffic from Brazil compared to an average day. To see more results from the 2014 World Cup check out our posts about World Cup Traffic and Nationality Searches.

For now we’ll say tchau to Brazil. We’re off to check out more of these Brazilian pornstars. Stay tuned for more insights to come!

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