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East Asia has been on the Pornhub Statistician’s to-do list for a little while now. While most of our recent jaunts have been to European countries like Denmark and Croatia, we have made it our mission to leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting the cold hard porno facts out to our dedicated following. As such, today’s report accounts for an in depth look at how the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea gets freaky with the best site in the world, so let’s get into it!


Efficiency is the name of the game in the country that ranks 238th for most visitors to Pornhub worldwide. As we saw in the 2014 Year in Review, the international average time spent on site is 9 minutes and 16 seconds, with around 7.6 pages viewed per session. These numbers are significantly slashed in North Korea where visits last a mere 1 minute and 48 seconds on average, with around 1.83 page views. You can’t beat that kind of potency! Work weeks in North Korea operate a little differently than in countries like the United Kingdom and Canada, where folks rush to Pornhub on Mondays the most, to help ease in to the long week ahead, but then tapers off a little in numbers on Fridays when the weekend arrives. North Korea actually inverts these days, giving a whole new meaning to weekend warrior. Speaking of which, marijuana is totally legal in NK – party on!


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has a little catching up to do in regards to their female viewership, which adds up to less than 2% of overall Pornhub viewers in the country. Women account for 23% of Pornhub viewers on a global scale – join the fun, women of North Korea! They do seem to like their ladies on the thicker side, as made evident by the BBW category claiming the second highest number of views in the land. Not far off is the Uniforms category in at number 6, which comes as no surprise in the country that ranks 5th in the world for army size.


Did you know that former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il was known by several different names, one of which being The Eternal Bosom of Hot Love? These are said to have been attributed to him by world leaders and other admirers of high stature. Unsurprisingly, the country which was once ruled by a man bearing this pseudonym has some pretty racy searches on Pornhub. Topping off the list are current leader ‘Kim Jong-Un’ and ‘Korean,’ which are typical enough, in that most countries feature their own nationalities in their top searches, as we’ve seen in the likes of Brazil and India. Things continue on the patriotic streak with searches for ‘Pyongyang teens’ as well as a few neighborly nods with terms like ‘japanese milf’ and ‘mongolian’.


Searches really heat up a little further down the list with results like ‘tweark,’ a local dance of seduction, as well as ‘advanced warfare’ and ‘destroy bush,’ showing that North Koreans mean business in the bedroom. No garden variety vanilla sex happening here! A recent visit from basketball star turned American ambassador Denis Rodman snagged the NBA legend a spot on the list, as well as foxy former first lady Hillary Clinton, but lets take a look at which real porn stars are making waves in North Korea.


While it’s actually illegal to wear jeans in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, it doesn’t matter much because the country’s list of top searched porn stars clearly indicates that North Koreans sure know how to pick their preferred naked ladies.  Czech blonde babe Abigaile Johnson takes first place, followed closely by the Great Leader of porn himself, Mandingo. Several Japanese gems like Ai Uehara, Yui-Hatano and Ria Sakurai rank highly while porn legends Kim Kardashian, Ron Jeremy and Lisa Ann close out the second half of the top 15.


North Korea is one of the only countries in the world with it’s own operating system for desktop computers, and we hear that Red Star OS is actually pretty great. As such, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that a whopping 94% of Pornhub traffic derives from desktop, a solid 50 percent points over the international 44% average. That’s some patriotism!


While we’re on the topic, let’s take a look at which Operating Systems reign supreme in North Korea. Repping the homeland with a strong 78% of market shares is Red Star OS, with 45% attributed to version 2.5 and 33% to version 3. Classics Windows NT and Vista account for most of the remaining 22% proving that a real ‘if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’ ethos operates within the Republic.


Last but not least is a breakdown of which web browsers prove to be people’s choice in the PDRK. Towards the beginning of our report, we provided a list of the country’s top viewed categories, on which ‘Vintage’ ranked in at an impressive 5th place. Retro-chic strikes again in this list on most popular web browsers, with Internet Explorer 7 claiming 43% of the market shares, and IE6 nabbing 37%.


And that’s all we’ve got for North Korea! With stats like these, we’ll definitely be making the rounds in Asia a little more often. Stay tuned for more awesome Pornhub Insights and let us know which country you’d like to next see profiled in the comments section below.

  • The Kim Possible Parable

    How did you get any traffic from North Korea at all? Are all visitors to the site government officials?

    Also, very nice timing.

    • alex_pornhub

      we’re really good at what we do!

      • Danarius Compopolous

        Or you’re just making up statistics which no one can verify

        • alex_pornhub

          This was an April Fool’s joke.

          • Danarius Compopolous

            Ohhh. Sneaky bastard

  • Carsen Yates

    So at least 78% of them use Linux (Red Star OS) but 80% of them use Internet explorer? Can someone explain this, because I know they didn’t all go install an outdated version of Internet Explorer on WINE.

    • alex_pornhub

      Yep! April Fool’s joke.

  • Stephen Marotta

    Is there a way to view the stats themselves?

  • Rariteh

    만우절날 right? YOU SNEAKY SHITS XD

  • incubusman421

    How do you get your statistics for age and gender?

    • alex_pornhub

      The data in this post was an April Fool’s joke and was completely fabricated. Otherwise, for our regular content, we use Google Analytics.

  • fellow94

    North koreans searched for hilary clinton porn wtf

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