Pornhub Premium Valentine’s Day

Every February 14th, the Pornhub team shows our love for our users by offering 100% free access to the Pornhub Premium service for a full day. In 2017 more than 3.5 million took advantage of Free Valentine’s Premium access, and we are expecting a lot more people this year.

In anticipation of the big day, our statisticians decided to see what millions of people are most likely to do when they have access to Pornhub Premium for 24 hours. By comparing usage of Pornhub Premium’s on February 14th, 2017 to usage on an average day, they were able to estimate how the influx of new visitors differed from the people who were already using the Premium service every day.

The following chart illustrate’s how Pornhub Premium’s traffic looked on February 14th of 2017. There was a 308% increase in traffic on one day compared to the monthly average.

In 2017, visitors from Chile (+7288%), Mexico (+4813%), Peru (+4845%) and Columbia (+4225%) had the greatest increase in new visitors to Pornhub Premium. The next largest increases came from European countries like Poland (+2320%), Norway (+1578%), Spain (+1485%), Germany (+1220%) and Sweden (+1210%). The United States saw a 425% increase in Premium visits on Valentines Day.

Pornhub Premium is much more than an ad-free version of Pornhub, there are over 100,000 full-length videos from top studios streaming at high definition up to 4K. A Premium membership also includes exclusive content you can’t find on Pornhub Free. So there’s plenty of new content for people to experience.

The most popular search terms on Pornhub Premium are slightly different than that of Pornhub’s free site. “Lesbian” and “Ebony” top the list, but Premium users are much more likely to search for “POV” (point of view) and “VR” (virtual reality).

To see what 3.5 million fresh faces searched for, our statisticians looked at the terms that were searched more on February 14th compared to the average. Searches for “lesbian premium” were up 1594%, followed by 1388% increase for “premium HD” and 1001% for “ebony premium” — although it’s not actually necessary to type “premium” to find the best content when logged into Pornhub Premium. Even searches for “valentines day” were up 1092% on that day.

The top gaining categories give a good idea of the genres of porn that fresh Premium users are most interested in. Topping the list is the Exclusive category with a +267% increase. Because the content of that category is not available on Pornhub’s free site, it makes sense that people would head there to see what they have been missing.

Because Pornhub Premium features a lot of full-length videos from top studios, millions of people searched for their favorite pornstars to find the top videos they were featured in. Compared to normal searches on Pornhub Premium, it was Brazzers’s exclusive male pornstar Jordi El Nino Polla who saw the biggest increase (+259%) on Free Valentine’s Day. Esperanza Gomez had a 247% increase in searches, followed by 196% for Mia Khalifa and 140% for Lisa Ann.

Stepping aside from Pornhub Premium stats, our statisticians followed up with their own Pornhub Insights tradition of looking at the top Valentine’s related searches on February 14th. Searches for “valentine” were up 3481%, along with a 652% increase in searches for “cupid” and 244% for “love”. It appears that some couples are looking to branch out on Valentines, with a 209% increase in “cuckold” searches.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights. If you’d like to take part in our promotion this year, head over to the Free Premium Valentines access page. (No purchase is necessary).

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