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You can’t always choose the ideal time to watch porn, so the Pornhub team works hard (often very hard) to ensure a pleasurable experience across all devices. Mobile traffic has grown significantly over the last few years, with over 60% of Pornhub users now coming from phones and tablets. The latest area of growth is game consoles, which allow users to enjoy Pornhub on their large screen TVs. Device usage varies worldwide, so we’ve prepared an interactive infographic to see how each country and region stacks up.

The United States

pornhub-us-mobileThey say that home is where the hard-on is. As such, we can’t help but wonder what this means for the Southerners in this fair country of ours who are apparently quite keen on enjoying their porn on the go. In states like Kansas, Louisiana and Texas, nearly 80% of Pornhub traffic originates from mobile and tablet devices. We like your sense of adventure!

The true porno pioneers are located a little more to the North, however. In Montana and South Dakota, nearly 2% of our viewers are perusing Pornhub on their gaming consoles -looks like we have some early adopters of a really good thing over in the Badlands! A little more to the East in New England, they like to keep it more traditional and still prefer watching Pornhub on their trusty desktop computers.

North America

When we take a look at the United States as a whole, nearly 1% of viewers are making use of their consoles to play with themselves in a more “Rated A for Adults Only” kind of way, while 67% of American Pornhub traffic derives from smartphones and tablets. In fact, North Americans in general are moving towards the more pocket friendly variety of porn consumption with 55% of Canada’s traffic coming from mobile devices, and 62% of Mexico’s traffic. Only in Cuba does the PC still reign supreme, claiming almost 80% of site views.

South America

pornhub-south-america-mobileSouth Americans are known as being passionate people, and they are beginning to bring some of that heat to the way that they use their mobiles. For instance, spicy little Suriname is famous for its lush jungles so it’s no wonder that some 64% of Pornhub viewers are getting their rocks off out in the bush on their mobile devices. Otherwise, most of the continent remains dedicated to their desktops. The marriage between gaming consoles and free online porn hasn’t been made yet in South America. Venezuela is the only noteworthy nation, where .2% of Pornhub viewers use consoles.


pornhub-europe-consoleOver in Europe, the United Kingdom stands out like a boner in gym class. With almost 2% of Pornhub activity occurring on a gaming console and nearly 65% on a mobile device, they are revolutionizing the way that they get raunchy. Scandinavian nations like Finland and Norway near about 50/50 in terms of PC vs mobile while the more central countries such as Germany and Belgium are still mostly diehard desktop when it comes to the way that they watch their porn.

Asia & Oceania

pornhub-asia-mobileIsland nations New Zealand and Japan are where it’s at when it comes to seriously pwning some porn on a gaming console with .7% and .4% of Pornhub’s traffic slipping in from these hot spots, respectively. There is also an epicenter of mobile activity occurring in the region’s North Eastern area, with Kuwait and Turkmenistan both getting around 80% of their Pornhub activity from smartphones and tablets. The Philippines get an honorable mention here too with an impressive 62% of their traffic deriving from mobile. Desktop usage is most popular here in the North, with North Korea, Iran and Turkey all nearing 90%.


pornhub-africa-mobileThere are seriously interesting trends occurring in terms of preferred platform for porn viewing down in Africa. Mobile viewership appears to be more of a coastal trend, with Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya leading the continent in most porn views on the go. Residents of the central nation of Chad liven things up on their Playstations and Xboxes with some .3% of Pornhub viewers checking out the site on these types of devices.

Again, we encourage you to check out some of these stats for yourself on the interactive infographic above – share what stood out the most for you in the comments!

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    Great read!! im from new zealand and i use my pc or windows phone 🙂

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