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Scotland represents 7.3% of the U.K.’s traffic to Pornhub and has some interesting differences when it comes to the type of porn watched and the people who watch it. The Scottish Sun asked us to take a closer look.

Like most of the world, “lesbian” is the most popular search term in Scotland, but “Scottish” ranks a close second. Searches for “Chav porn” are popular, as they are in other parts of the U.K. Searches for “sex education” videos have become a popular trend in Scotland starting in 2019.

Lesbian is also the most viewed category of videos in Scotland, followed by Amateur, Mature and MILF.

When compared to the rest of the world, the British category is 540% more popular in Scotland, and Smoking videos are 152% more popular. Scottish visitors are also more likely to watch Red Head, Bondage and Fetish videos.

The most searched for person in Scotland is pornstar Riley Reid, followed by Mia Khalifa and Lisa Ann.

24% of visitors from Scotland are female, which is less than the worldwide average of 29% and the U.K. average of 27%. At 9%, Scotland has a much smaller proportion of visitors aged 18 to 24 compared to the world average of 26%. Visitors between the ages of 25 to 34 make up 40% of Scottish visitors.

84% of Pornhub visitors from Scotland use mobile devices, including 13% from tablets.

The average visitors from Scotland spends 10 minutes and 14 seconds on Pornhub, just 1 second longer than the worldwide average, but visit duration differs in different Scottish regions. Hamilton’s visitors spend 25 seconds less time on Pornhub while those from Irvine spend 21 seconds longer.

People from different cities also favor different types of porn. In Glasgow, Pornhub’s SFW (Safe For Work) category is 35% more popular, Feet videos are 11% more popular and Uniforms 8% more popular.

In Edinburgh, Czech, Interracial and Asian videos are more popular compared to the national average. In Stirling, the Pissing, Solo Male and Striptease categories are much more popular.

Kilt related searches are 152% more popular in Scotland when compared to the U.K. average. The most popular kilt related searches include “Scottish men in kilts”, “Kilt public” and “under the kilt”.

Searches for Redhead videos are 32% more popular in Scotland compared to elsewhere in the U.K. The most popular Redhead searches include “ginger”, “scottish redhead” and “curvy redhead”.

To see how Scotland compares to the U.K. and other parts of the world, please check out or 2018 Year in Review and stay tuned for more Pornhub Insights to come.

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