A Perfect Stormy

UPDATE: Check out our latest Stormy Daniels data here.

Pornhub Insights last wrote about pornstar Stormy Daniels’ searches back in January of 2018 shortly after her alleged affair with Donald Trump was revealed. At the time, searches for Stormy Daniels went from a daily average of 2500 to more than 2 million searches in just 5 days!

The Economist checked in to see how the ongoing news has affected searches, and it seems that the searches, much like the story, just keep on going.

When compared to her 2018 average, searches on January 14 were 514% higher worldwide, and 330% higher in the United States. On January 31, Stormy Daniels appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! which caused a 325% increase in U.S. searches and 258% worldwide.

On February 13th, more details were revealed when Trump’s lawyer admitted to paying Daniels hush money, which caused another 250% jump in searches. And most recently, searches jumped to their highest level when it was reported that Daniels would be suing Donald Trump. On March 7th, Stormy Daniels searches were up 536% in the U.S. and 489% worldwide.

Due to the political nature of the affair, our statisticians next compared Stormy Daniels searches in Washington D.C. to that of the United States. At all points after the initial story came out, Pornhub visitors from D.C. were more likely to see increased searches for Stormy Daniels than visitors elsewhere in the U.S.

By combing search data for Democratic (Blue) and Republican (Red) states, our statisticians found that Red states were more likely to have increased searches for Stormy Daniels compared to their left-leaning counterparts. In fact, Red states are 12% more likely to search for Stormy Daniels videos compared to Blue states.

If we average the searches so far in 2018, we can see which states are proportionately more interested in Stormy Daniels. Eastern states like Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Virginia, Massachusetts and D.C. are the most interested Stormy searches. The states where Stormy Daniels represents a smaller portion of total searches include Alabama, Nevada, Hawaii, Arkansas, Georgia and Mississippi.

Our data shows that male visitors are 132% more likely to search for Stormy Daniels compared to female visitors. Millennials aged 18-34 are far less likely to search for Stormy Daniels when compared to visitors over the age of 35. Proportionately, the demographic most likely to search for Stormy Daniels is men over the age of 65.

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