Transgender Porn Searches

Over the last few years, our statisticians have noticed a significant increase in searches for videos featuring transgender performers. So when the folks at Glamour reached out for more information, we figured it was a great time to take a closer look at what type of transgender porn is being searched for on Pornhub, and where it is most popular.

The following chart illustrates the popularity of transgender related searches from April 2010 to August of 2017 (based on the proportion of all searches). Searches dipped below average from 2012 to 2014, but have increased steadily since then.

The following word-cloud illustrates the top 25 terms most often combined with ‘trans’ or ‘transgender’ searches. The number one related search is “ftm” (female to male), followed by “girl” and “beautiful”. A few nationalities are commonly searched with transgender including “italian”, “french” and “brazil”. Searches for “mtf” (male to female) are about half as popular as “ftm”.

Our statistics are derived from Google Analytics, so for demographics data were are limited to two genders – male and female. So we are unable to see what type of porn transgender identifying people prefer to view. We can however see the popularity of transgender porn by those people identified as male or female, and various age groups.

Men are proportionately 63% more likely to search for transgender related porn when compared to those visitors Google has identified as women. Interest in trans porn increases by age group, with visitors in the 18 to 24 age group being 31% less likely to search, whereas visitors over the age of 55 are 20% more likely to search when compared to all other age groups.

Across the United States, visitors from Florida and Nevada are the most likely to search for transgender porn, followed closely by visitors from New Hampshire, Alaska and Maine. The states least likely to search for transgender porn are South Dakota, Minnesota, Mississippi, Wisconsin and Alabama. On average, transgender searches represent around 2% of all searches in the United States, ranging from a high of 2.2% in Florida to a low of 1.8% in South Dakota.

Worldwide, transgender related terms currently represent 1.97% of all searches on Pornhub, so that’s well over a million searches each day. Argentina proportionately searches for more transgender porn than any other country in the world, making up 4.1% of all their searches. In Brazil transgender makes up 3.42% of all searches, and 3.11% in Colombia. The United States ranks 25th worldwide for transgender search popularity.

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