Valentine’s Day for Porn Lovers

Holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving and even Halloween can often affect the habits of Pornhub visitors, so our friends at Mashable checked in to see how Valentine’s Day stacks up to the rest. Your own plans this Valentine’s Day might depend on whether you’re dating, married or single. But we soon discovered that regardless of relationship status, Valentine’s Day has a significant effect on traffic to Pornhub and the terms people search for.

With passion reserved for pleasing partners, Pornhub traffic drops as much as -17% after 6pm on Valentine’s Day, with the peak drop happening around 9pm. Traffic to the site recovers somewhat towards midnight, but stays below average for several hours, perhaps because people already found the love they were seeking.


When we break down traffic changes by gender, we find that women proportionately have a larger decrease of around -22% at 9pm on Valentine’s, while traffic from men drops by -16%. Men visit Pornhub at an average level right up to 6pm, but women see significant drops throughout the afternoon, going as low as -12% at 2pm.


Traffic on Valentine’s evening drops as low as -19% for visitors under the age of 34, but the 18-24 group hit’s their low an hour later at 11pm versus 10pm for 25-34s. Interestingly, the 25-34 traffic is below average throughout the afternoon, but the 18-24 year old group has equally above average traffic during the same time period. 35 to 44 year olds have a sudden +4% increase in traffic around 6pm, before dropping off after 8pm and reaching a low of -15% at 10pm. 45 to 54 year olds have the least change on Valentine’s evening, with a low of -12% at 10pm. Visitors over the age of 55 have the earliest traffic drop of all age groups, down nearly 10% between 6pm to 7pm.


On average, traffic across the United States drops by -10% from 6pm to Midnight on Valentine’s. Nevada has the largest drop during this time period of -22%, followed closely by -20% in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York. The states that are least likely to give up Pornhub on the most romantic of all evenings are Minnesota, Louisiana and Vermont with only -2% traffic drops.


Searches containing the term “Valentine” begin to increase in the days leading up, with a massive +1093% increase on Valentine’s day compared to average daily levels.


Other related search terms increase significantly on Valentine’s Day. Searches containing “love” go up by +269% on average, but with a much larger increase of +335% by men, and 203% by women. Men are also +203% more likely to search for “passionate” (compared to +124% for women), and +223% for “romance” (compared to +98% for women).

Visitors looking for some tips to please their partners are more likely to search for terms like “massage” (+148%), “seduce” (+111%), “sensual” (+101%) and even “kinky” (+115%).


The couples who invest more time in dinner and dancing, might be responsible for a +74% increase in “quickie” to end off the evening, and for something new to try, “bondage” searches increase by +71%. And let’s not forget about the babysitter that was left at home. Searches for “babysitter” porn increase by +34% for women, but only +13% for men.

To all our dedicated Pornhub fans, we love you all and wish you the best this Valentine’s. If you don’t find true love, we’re always here to lend a hand!

  • David Walker

    I’m very proud of my 55%+ cohort. Yes, we drop off, but by damn, if I’m reading the graph correctly, we’re down from 9 to 11 only more lightly than the 45-54 set. I’m good with that. We may not be fucking like crazed rabbits, but just because there’s snow on the roof doesn’t mean there’s no fire in the furnace.

  • Neal Gray

    I watch porn everyday cuz I’m a lonely pervert and proud of it!!

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