Women’s March 2018

This past weekend was the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s swearing in, also marking the anniversary of last January’s Women’s March and the female empowerment movement it sparked in 2017.

All across the United States and in many cities around the world, women took to the streets in solidarity to give voice and visibility to some of today’s most pressing issues. Last year, Pornhub Insights took a look at the 2017 Women’s March and found major traffic changes to the site, especially with female traffic in cities where the largest marches were organized.

Much like the first year, we found that traffic for women dropped more drastically across the United States than it did for men. Female traffic was up +5% higher than normal at 7am, then continued to drop until 2pm when it reached -9% below that of an average Saturday. Traffic from men followed a somewhat similar curve, but only reached -6% below average at 2pm.

In Washington, D.C., female traffic surged +9% above normal Saturday levels at 9am, then plummeted to -17% below average at 11am. Traffic remained below average for the rest of the afternoon, and then increased +10% above normal levels at 7pm, before taking another nose-dive of -15% at 9pm.

In New York City, the largest traffic drop occurred at 2pm, when female traffic was -11% below that of a normal Saturday.

In Los Angeles, female traffic had the largest overall drop throughout the entire day beginning at 6am. The peak drop of -16% occurred at 11am (Pacific Time) and remained at least -6% below average through to the evening when another drop of -13% occurred at 10pm.

As always, our statisticians took a look at searches for the day to see if any interesting changes popped up. They found a 32% increase in Trans/Transgender related searches on January 20th, but perhaps most interesting was the dramatic increase in searches containing “feminist” which shot up 287% compared to the daily average. So who was searching for all that feminist porn? Proportionately, it was men who were 42% more likely to be searching for feminist related porn compared to women.

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