Magazine Covers and Holiday Hookups


This year, Christmas came early in the form of Kim Kardashian’s breaking of the Internet with that now infamous Paper magazine cover. Is it really the sexiest magazine cover of all time though? We want to know which magazine cover you give thanks for the most and which leaves you with indigestion. Last but not READ MORE

Polls: Costumes, Candies and Clashes


It’s that spooky time of year again and we’ve got sex and candy on our minds. In this round of Pornhub Q&A, we want to know which freaky fighting celebs you wanna see get it on, what this year’s hottest costume is and how you like to keep it extra sweet in the sack. Answer READ MORE

Poll: Celebrities Bare All


Here at Pornhub our minds aren’t always in the gutter and we sometimes pause to think about some of life’s hard-hitting questions.. jk lolz we’re always thinking about butts and tit pics and this time around, we want to know which celebs you’re dying to see nude, which ones you think should keep it all READ MORE

State of Sex Survey 2014


The sexual landscape is constantly changing positions. From our different fetishes and fantasies to real life bedroom trends, our (mostly dirty) minds continue to find and experiment with new ideas. Our friend, men’s sexual health expert Dr. Muhammad Mirza at wants to know the current STATE OF SEX FOR 2014. To see what people READ MORE

May Polls


May is here so it's time to spring some new surveys on our beloved Pornhub fans. This time around, we'd like to know which "Hot Messes" you'd still get down and dirty with. May 11th is MILF's Day, so tell us what "50s & 60s TV Wives" you'd like to fuck. And lastly, if you READ MORE

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