November Polls

For us here at Pornhub, it doesn’t take much to get us turned on.

Even every-day products make us horny! Ever catch a glimpse of an Aunt Jemima bottle from the perfect angle? You know, in that perfect light – what a handsome woman… Many of our favorite logos feature some highly bangable babes.

Now friends, we ask you; who’s the hottest?


When you’re home for Thanksgiving this year, you may be tempted to show your thanks to your significant other at some point. Great food and colder temperatures are enough to make just about anyone horny!

While your mom is stuffing the turkey, we want to know which room you’ll be stuffing something of your own, this holiday season.


One of the great thanksgiving traditions every year are the NFL games that are featured all day long. Some people watch for the action and the excitement, while others watch to get a glimpse of the athletes significant others. Some of these chicks are seriously hot! Who’s your favorite?


  • fdgsfgdfsfdgdf

    show pics

  • Steveo

    Use google!

  • None

    You should have included college into the hottest girlfriend/wife. Miss Alabama kicks all their asses!

  • Brandon Allman

    so fucking fit 10 out of 10 defo would bang

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