Boobs! Big or Small, We Love Em’ All!

Boobs! Big or Small, We Love Em’ All!


These magical chest mountains are part of every man’s desires. With October being breast awareness month, we figured putting together some information on just HOW much our users love these wondrous parts of the female body could be useful!

We took a 5 month sampling of aggregate searches made in every state across the U.S. that included the word “Tits”. To no one’s surprise, we found that “big” was the favorite and most common adjective used when searching for “tits” in every single state! “Natural” and “Huge” followed close behind, clearly identifying who Americans believe the perfect girl should be!

Fear not, our small chested friends; tits in general make up around 10% of all Pornhub searches, and small tits is a popular topic – plenty of men love what you’re working with. We thought it’d be interesting to compare a couple of these terms, and the following is what we discovered:

“Big Tits” is searched on average 5.5 times more often than “Small Tits”, while “Natural” is 4 times more popular of a search term than “Fake”. The ratios of course differ from state to state, but you get the gist of it… Big Natural Boobs are what America wants!


The following map shows you the results by state – California, also known as the land of silicon leads the charge with the largest ratio of big to small being searched at 8.2 times the rate (wonder why). Mississippi comes in a close second at 8 times – wonder if the state drink of MILK has something to do with that! Montana, rounds out the top 3 at 7.7. Wyoming has the smallest ratio at 4.3 – keep in mind they have the lowest population of any state, and the fair is the most popular thing going each year… I guess beggars can’t be choosers! Maine (4.378), where people are more interested in lobsters than boobs, has the second smallest ratio, while Idaho (4.385) keeps to the cliche and like potato-sized boobs.

Hover over each state to see the results.


Whether ladies were born with their big boobs, or given them by a doctor, the above chart does show that Americans are into a bigger bust…. We’ve created another chart to break down the natural vs. Fake argument. Each state prefers natural to fake, but have a look and see by how much – again, no shocker, California leads the country in enjoying a fake boobie or two. North Dakota, and Wyoming (who like small boobs more than any other state, are 3rd most into fake ones) are close behind!

WHAT ELSE IS SEARCHED WITH “TITS” We’ve assembled a little word cloud for you in order to show other commonly used adjectives that people use when searching for their beloved breastesses. If you’re ever blanking when searching, grab a word from our cloud!


Loving big boobs is a global epidemic! As a not so great man once said “hide yo wife”, unless they have small boobs… then they’re fine. No matter the country, big tits are searched much more often than small. Globally the search ratio is about 6 to 1 – now you can understand why Pamela Anderson was so popular, even with no acting skills. Our chart shows how high the ratios are in each region, with the darker covered areas thinking bigger is better (wonder if guys realize it works both ways)?

South Americans, Southern Europe, and countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, India, Lebanon and Portugal all seem to enjoy their bosoms larger, while Turkey, Japan, Thailand, Germany and the Swiss are slightly more neutral.

Drop us a line below and let us know your favorites!

  • Juan Manuel Zendejas

    I’m mexican and I love big, natural, tits. especially if they have pink nipples.

    • Steve

      You definitely follow the trend!

  • deepseated

    I like breast that enjoy being sucked, licked and played with. they don’t have to be super big, just large enough to surround my cock for a good tit fuck.

  • No

    Would be interesting to see the US state gay searches vs catholicism/protestants

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