Askmen and Pornhub Ejaculation Survey

Pornhub recently teamed up with our friends over at AskMen to survey our male visitors about their ejaculations both with and without a partner. In all over 4000 men answered the call and shared their jizz details anonymously. We’ve compiled the most interesting data to cum out of this survey into the following info-graphic for your pleasure… and science!


You can learn more about the survey results by reading the full article on AskMen.

Election Day Insights

On November 8th millions of Americans headed to their local poling stations to choose between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. In the end, Clinton was easily trumped and former reality TV star Donald Trump became the President-elect of the United States.


MLB World Series Final Traffic

On Wednesday November 2nd, the Chicago Cubs played the Cleveland Indians in the 2016 World Series championship game. More people tuned in to watch the game live than any other World Series finale in 25 years. Those who did were able to see the Cubs win their first world series since 1908! Had the Indians won, it would have been their first championship since 1948. Either way, it was going to be an epic game, especially for folks in Cleveland, Ohio and and Chicago Illinois. Our friends at Vocativ checked in to see if the live event was enough for people to put one type of ball play on hold to watch another.


Halloween Searches and Hot Costumes

As we’ve discovered many times before on Pornhub Insights, the tastes of porn viewers are anything but vanilla. Rule 41 of the internet states that if something exists, there’s porn for it. Perhaps that’s why year-round searches involving costumes, cosplay, superheroes, movie parodies and game characters are so popular. No time of the year brings out sexy costume seekers more than Halloween, so our friends at Refinery29 checked in to see what’s up with our spooky searches.


Pornhub Pizza Delivery: Always Hot and Fresh

One of the oldest and time-honored porn clichés is the infamous pizza delivery guy. Pornhub has nearly 2000 videos with pizza in the title, and each month people search for pizza porn more than 500,000 times. October is officially “Pizza Appreciation Month” (as if one month is enough), so along with our friends at Thrillist we’ll be serving up extra-large portions of cheesy porn data.

The most popular pizza related search is “pizza delivery” (nsfw) followed by “big sausage pizza” (nsfw) and “pizza boy” (nsfw). Some searches like “naked pizza dare” (nsfw), “flashing pizza guy” (nsfw) and “open door naked pizza” (nsfw) are related to a more recent amateur video trend that involves surprising real pizza guys.


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