Popularity of Pregnancy Porn

Pornhub Insights has already revealed that moms and MILFs are both extremely popular searches, but many Pornhub visitors also find expecting moms to be equally enticing. Along with our friends at Vocativ, our statisticians discovered that since June of 2014, ‘pregnant’ related searches have grown by nearly 20% in the United States, with peak searches happening in March of 2017.


Virtual Reality Porn

Over the last year, Virtual Reality has been one of the fastest growing categories of videos on Pornhub. Originally launched in the Spring of 2016, Pornhub’s VR content included just 30 videos. Since then, hundreds of new VR videos have been uploaded each month, bringing the total to over 2600 videos by May of 2017. Forbes inquired to see how far VR had penetrated into the daily usage of Pornhub users.

With the increased popularity and accessibility of VR capable devices, VR porn videos are now being watched 500,000 times each day. Compared to other categories, VR visitors typically watch 2 more videos each time they visit Pornhub (11 pages per visit compared to the average 9), while their actual time on site remains about the same at just under 10 minutes. Perhaps the unique visual experience makes them want to test out more new content.


Searches Get Higher on 420

International “Weed Day” comes around ever April 20th, and is more commonly referred to as “4/20”. In many parts of the world, people get together and light up to show their support for marijuana legalization, or to simply light up and show support for having a good time.

At the request of High Times, we soon discovered that those good times make their way over to Pornhub as well, where searches for marijuana related terms get higher — waaaaay higher maaan. On 4/20, searches containing the term “420” went up 564% above average daily levels, “weed” searches went up 710% and “marijuana” went up 817%.


May the 4th Star Wars Searches

The force remains strong with Pornhub users. So much so, that ‘Star Wars’ searches increased an incredible 633% this May the 4th, handily beating last year’s increase of 510%. Star Wars is consistently one of the most searched for porn parodies among our 75 million daily visitors, so this number represents an empire worthy increase.


City of London Insights

In this edition of Pornhub Insights we’re joined by our friends at GQ to take a closer look at visitors from the U.K. capital of London. While Birmingham ranked 2nd for Pornhub traffic from within the U.K., London ranks 2nd among all worldwide cities, just behind New York. That’s an impressive number of porn lovers, seeing as London’s population ranks 22nd worldwide.


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