Germany’s “Tatort: Hardcore” Causes Increase in Bukkake Searches

On October 8th the latest installment of Germany’s popular Tatort series aired, entitled “Hardcore”. The subject matter had much to do with pornography, so curious Germans headed to Pornhub following the episode to see what Bukkake was all about. On October 8th we saw a search increase of 95% above daily averages, and 137% on October 9.

Greece Insights

In this edition of Pornhub Insights we’re taking a look at the current porn habits of the Mediterranean country of Greece. We last looked at Greece back in 2015, so the folks at checked in to see how Greek porn preferences have changed since then. While overall traffic from Greece has increased, the rank has dropped from 21st worldwide to 24th. This is mostly due to growth in other countries as seen in our last Year in Review.


XXX Marks the Spot – Pirate Day Insights

Since being popularized by columnist Dave Barry in 2002, September 19th has been celebrated by land-lubbers and sea-goers alike as International “Talk Like a Pirate” Day. It joins the ranks of hundreds of “fake” holidays, which become further popularized each year due to the rise of social media.

This year, “Talk Like a Pirate Day” set sail with more observers than ever, and when our friends at Mashable checked in to see what bounty of Pornhub searches we could find, we soon discovered a 367% increase in pirate related searches on September 19th!


Apple’s iPhone X(xx) Live Event

What gets Apple fans harder than Pornhub? New hardware from Apple of course! Apple’s annual fall iPhone Event took place on Tuesday, September 12th and millions tuned in live to watch the unveiling of new phones and other tech. Just as we found during last year’s event, traffic to Pornhub dropped significantly during the live show.


When Ted Tweets

Senator Ted Cruz was in hot water after a “staffing issue” resulted in a September 12th tweet liking a video featured on Pornhub. The Reality Kings video (nsfw) remained at the top of Ted’s Twitter for a few hours until someone hit the panic button and deleted it. Of course that was plenty of time for the press to take notice, and Ted’s Tweet was soon the talk of the town.

By the end of the day, the Reality Kings video featuring pornstar Cory Chase (nsfw) became the fastest video to hit a million views on Pornhub, and currently stands at 1.6 million views. Searches for Cory Chase also shot up +659% above her normal daily search level. Ted Cruz searches also reached an all-time high of more than 50,000 in just 24 hours — far above his normal daily search average of 6.

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