Big Mouth Searches

Season 2 of the Netflix adult cartoon series Big Mouth landed on October 5th. Much of the show focuses on the sexual fantasies of it’s main characters (including some references to Pornhub), so it’s no surprise that fans began searching Pornhub for parodies of the cartoon. Cinema Blend asked Pornhub’s statisticians to take a closer look.

By October 8th, searches were 14,937% higher than their daily average before the new season arrived. In just over a week, 1 million people have searched for “big mouth” on Pornhub. On it’s peak day, searches for “big mouth cartoon” nearly equaled those of “cartoon”, one of Pornhub’s usual top 20 searches.

The most common searches containing “big mouth” have been:

  • big mouth cartoon
  • big mouth
  • big mouth show
  • big mouth lips
  • big mouth cartoon sex
  • big mouth blowjob
  • big mouth hentai
  • big mouth cartoon porn

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YouTube Down, Pornhub Up

YouTube experienced a rare global service outage on October 16th, between 9:30 pm and 10:45 pm Eastern time. Mashable checked with us to see if YouTube’s disruption an effect on Pornhub traffic, and it certainly did. When you can’t tube, you fap instead!

Traffic to Pornhub surged during the outage, reaching 21% above daily averages at 10 pm. That’s a significant increase by millions of additional viewers during Pornhub’s peak evening hours.

During the outage, our statisticians also found some search terms had increased in popularity well above their average levels on October 16th. Searches for “asmr” increased by 201%, as people looking for an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response were just as likely to find that on Pornhub as YouTube. Searches containing “YouTube” increased by 183%, along with other terms likely to appear on both streaming sites including “wwe”, “bowsette“, “fortnite“, “minecraft“, “game”, “pokemon“, “celebrity”, “twitch”, “overwatch” and “halloween“.

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Bosnia Insights

In this edition of Pornhub Insights we’re joined by Radio Sarajevo to take a look at the Southeastern European country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia ranks 75th for traffic to Pornhub, well ahead of it’s worldwide rank or 135th for population. Bosnians most often visit Pornhub on Thursday, and they are least likely to visit on Saturday.


Fortnite Season 6 Searches

Fortnite Season 6 has arrived, and just like Season 5, it has Pornhub visitors very excited. Forbes asked Pornhub’s statisticians to dig deeper into the data. Following the launch, searches containing Fortnite more than doubled on Pornhub. And seeing as Fortnite has remained in Pornhub’s Top 25 search terms through most of 2018, that equates to hundreds of thousands of additional searches per day.


Bowser and Bowsette

In the latest example of something breaking the internet, we have Bowsette, a fantasy hybrid between Nintendo characters Bowser and Princess Peach. Originally based on a fan-drawn comic, within days the internet spawned countless other Bowsette themed fan art. Life imitates art, and eventually porn imitates everything, so it wasn’t long before hentai style porn parodies and tributes featuring Bowsette appeared on Pornhub. VentureBeat asked the Insights team to take a closer look at this phenomenon.


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