Italian Referendum Traffic

On Sunday December 4th, Italians voted to decide if they should modify their Italian Constitution. 59.1% of voters decided to vote “No” so Pornhub, along with our friends at, checked to see what effect the Italian referendum had on everyone’s favorite website.


Argentina Insights

Today we’re joined by our friends at UNO to see how porn usage in Argentina differs from elsewhere in the world. Argentina ranks 18th worldwide for visitors to Pornhub, although it’s population places it at 32nd. The average visitor from Argentina is 37 years old, and 23% are female, which is just slightly under the worldwide average of 24%. Only 57% of Argentina’s Pornhub traffic comes from mobile devices — far less than the 70% used worldwide. The average visitor spends just 8 minutes and 36 seconds on Pornhub, 44 seconds less than the world’s average, and they’re more likely to visit on Mondays.


Searching for Cuba

Fidel Castro, revolutionary leader and President of Cuba for 47 years, passed away on November 25, 2016 at the age of 90. International news was quick to acknowledge and either honor or vilify Castro. The increased media coverage of the small controversial island caused Pornhub searches for Cuban content to more than double overnight.


Most of the searches came from the United States, followed by Mexico, United Kingdom, Brazil and the Netherlands. The most popular Cuban related search was “cuban maid” followed by “Cuban”, “Cubana” and “big booty Cuban”.

Take My Wife, Please! All About Cuckolding

In it’s simplest form, “cuckold” refers to a husband who watches his wife have sex with other men. It’s often used as part of a domination fetish with the husband being a submissive observer or participant in his wife’s sexual conquests. Every month, 1.75 million people search some variation of “cuckold”, “cuck” or “cucked” on Pornhub, placing it in the Top 100 of all search terms. It has come to mean and signify something different in recent months and we have teamed up with our friends over at MEL Magazine to take a closer look at how this played out on Pornhub.

In our recent Sex and the Married Man study, we found that cuckold is a popular theme when searching for any porn involving married couples. From January 2013 to November 2016, cuckold has grown in popularity by 57%.


Thanksgiving Searches

Thanksgiving is here to kick off the holiday season with family fun, food fetish and football. Before the festivities begin, our friends at Bustle asked if our statisticians can see how turkey day historically affects searches and traffic to Pornhub. As we’ve previously discovered, holidays like Christmas, Easter and even Halloween can have quite an effect on the type of porn people search for.


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