State of Sex Survey 2014


The sexual landscape is constantly changing positions. From our different fetishes and fantasies to real life bedroom trends, our (mostly dirty) minds continue to find and experiment with new ideas. Our friend, men’s sexual health expert Dr. Muhammad Mirza at wants to know the current STATE OF SEX FOR 2014. To see what people READ MORE

January Polls


It's a new month and a new year! That means it's time for some sexy new surveys! This time around, Pornhub wants to know what female athletes you think are the hottest - but only those who play in non-mainstream sports. What about celebs with both a killer bod and a beautiful brain? We found READ MORE

December Polls

December Surveys!

Welcome to December everyone! With the temperatures starting to dip, and Thanksgiving in our rear view mirrors, these polls are all about staying inside where it's warm! This month, Pornhub wants to know which popular Instagram girl you think is the sexiest, what cartoon character you're drawn to, and where is the best place for READ MORE

November Polls


For us here at Pornhub, it doesn’t take much to get us turned on. Even every-day products make us horny! Ever catch a glimpse of an Aunt Jemima bottle from the perfect angle? You know, in that perfect light – what a handsome woman… Many of our favorite logos feature some highly bangable babes. Now READ MORE

What Turns You On, And Off Poll Results


Sometimes, we wonder… Does the rest of America really think like we, at PornHub do? For this reason, we bring you our monthly polls! We asked 3 questions and got a great response from our users. Who Is the Most Frightening Female Celebrity? Ok, we’re not nice.. What do you want from us? You think READ MORE

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