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Catalina Taylor

Catalina Taylor

She might look like the innocent dark-skinned nerd who sat behind you in undergraduate psychology class, but Catalina Taylor was not your average bookworm. While you had your nose in textbooks, she was tonsil-deep on black joystick. With such fantastic blowjob lips, Catalina pursued her taste for sweaty meat alongside her quest for knowledge. Catalina literally sucked her way all through college and is now a true industry slut with a higher education, and a horny babe like her could only have one degree: Clinical Research. She’s gotten some serious clinical practice with all kinds of bodily organs and orifices. Emptying ball sacks, getting meat injections in her rump canal, and exploring the depths of vaginal caverns, Catalina graduated at the top of her class with straight XXXs. With 36 movies on the bill so far, this lady will keep fantasy fuck jobs coming in every open hole, filling them with human putty for years to cum. Catalina’s roots lay in the island of the Dominican Republic, so it’s no surprise that this Ebony fuck-princess destroys pole masts like a true hurricane. Blessed with some 34-D honey sacks, when she slides a dick between those smooth jugs, it’s like a long catamaran sailing the Caribbean Sea. If you want your dick to feel like Cape Canaveral over the high seas, better start doing some of your own clinical research on Catalina Taylor’s body.
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Born: 1990-04-24
Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan, United States
Height: 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)
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