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Ginger Lea

Ginger Lea

Canada might be one of the coldest, most frigid nations on Earth, but there’s nothing frigid about Canadian-born mega whore Ginger Lea. She’s one badass cougar who takes no shit from anyone and always gets her way. It’s a good thing the only things she really demands are honesty, respect, and regular penetration of her mouth, cunt and ass by big dicks. When she needs a few moments of relaxation from pounding boners, she likes to nuzzle her face between some warm girl thighs and suck away at that pussy moisture. As soon as she’s hydrated and energized enough, she’s jumping right back on those wangs. This horny redheaded cougar has a fabulous pair of tits, fixed up by masters of boob enhancement, and you bet those nips of hers get rock hard in those Canadian winters. For this reason, Ginger spends a lot of time in sunny California, where stripping down to nakedness is much faster. One of Ginger’s weaknesses happens to be big black dick. She is a queen of the IR scene and knows how to treat those ebony pythons to a serious shaft and ball cleaning. Often, one dick just isn’t enough, and Ginger excels at the two-handed tug job for double the cum all over her hot face. In fact, facials are another top specialty of hers, and she’s starred in her very own special of the “1000 Facials” series. Fuck blondes… gingers have the most fun!
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Born: 1973-12-28
Birthplace: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Height: 5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
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