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Keni Styles

Keni Styles

One of the first straight Asian male pornstars in American pornography is a trailblazer. And even though we’re here to talk about his fiery fuck career, you’ve gotta hear about this guy’s background because this bro is the real deal. A Thai native who grew up in London, he spent his early years in foster homes around London. As a young man, he took up boxing and entered the British Army. He served in combat in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq while still honing his boxing skills, winning national and international titles. When he left the military, Keni worked as a boxer and a physical trainer, when one day a client of his introduced him to swinging. The sexy lifestyle appealed to him, and as he got deeper into the swinger’s scene, his girlfriend suggested they perform in a live sex show. That went so well that it led to porn offers, and he knew he had found a new calling as a hardcore performer. Now he’s at 239 titles with no end in sight, and he even has his own reality TV show in Europe called “The Lucky Asian Guy” which follows his day-to-day life as he navigates his unique career. Dreams do come true, people!
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Born: 1981-05-27
Birthplace: Lamphun, Thailand
Height: 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
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