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Kitty Yung

Kitty Yung

Kitty Yung set the bar for what a proper Asian slut should be. She’s been owning the Oriental porno genre ever since she kicked off her career in the ‘90s. Kitty has that semi-dark tanned skin of the gorgeous South-East-Asian variety. Her tits are small but pointy as hell, and when this girl gets all aroused, you could practically score sheets of glass with her rock-hard pointy nips. Even though Asian sluts are normally known for being delicate, and especially for having small delicate asses, Kitty proves that stereotype very wrong. This tiger lily absolutely craves extreme butt-banging, and her puckered asshole practically moans out to be stretched open and filled with veiny boners. She’s a super-nasty girl who loves sucking her ass-taste off of any cock that’s been burrowed in her brown tunnel. Born in Los Angeles to Korean parents, her mom and dad tried to raise her to be a subservient Korean dream doll with all the best manners and social niceties their culture is known for. But growing up in the loose morals of USA’s West Coast, she was drawn to the world of nude modeling, pole dancing, pussy licking, cock sucking and hardcore sex. In her first few years, she did over 100 films like it was a walk in the park. Kitty took a bit of a break from on-camera fucking but returned with a bang in the early 2000s, and Pornhub has the best anthology of her years of wonderful jerk footage.
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Born: 1970-02-06
Birthplace: Korea, Republic of
Height: 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Weight: 93 lbs (42 kg)
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