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Kristina Milan

Kristina Milan

Get ready for a faceful of milk-chocolaty Latina goodness with Kristina Milan. Born in Puerto Rico and having spent a lot of time in the Dominican Republic, she’s got the whole Caribbean flavor covered. Of course, covering Kristina in cum is a different story; you’d need to bring in truckloads to get every inch of her BBW awesomeness. Kristina is one hell of a chunky lover, and her natural tits weigh in as J Cups, which is something like seven D’s in a row! This slut started out as a slim-waisted busty phenomenon, but soon found her true calling when she added some more girth and cushion for the pushin’. Transforming herself from a plain ol’ big-boobed babe into a leading Big, Beautiful Woman was a natural evolution for this Latina cougar. She soon became a top model on “Big Tits Curvy Asses”, clogging up bandwidth with tons of eager jerkers logging on for her action. When Kristina got herself pregnant, that didn’t stop her from pushing her slut factor to new limits. Kristina did a bunch of lactation porno scenes, which was basically her way of giving back some cream after taking so much of it from the balls of lucky guys. If you’re the type of dude who loves to see extra pounds jiggle and ripple during a heavy railing, then Kristina Milan will get your dick to lead your balls in a prayer of thanks.
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