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Mya G

Mya G

You may ask yourself, what does the G stand for in Mya G? Does it stand for Grandiose, as in, her ass is of grandiose proportions? Can it possibly stand for Glossy? Like when someone gives Mya’s booty a good oily rubdown, and those big butt cheeks get nice and glossy? Anyway, it doesn’t really matter because Mya G is a horny fuck junky who’s Good to Go whenever a boner starts sniffing around for a fat ass to rip open. Mya is half Black beauty and half White chick, and she’s somehow channeling the best of the entire color spectrum. Of course, her backside she inherited from her Ebony blood, while she’s got a very cute and tasty pair of perky White-girl tits. Her smooth caramel skin perfectly complements her gorgeous face. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, she got a bit of a late start on the smut scene, at the cougar-ish age of 29. Patience paid off, and by the time she was a professional dick-taker, she had some mad oral skills and ball-tickling abilities. She’s a top-billed star over at Evasive Angel and has shot scenes with plenty of other studios, totaling over 50 films with tons of fuck buddies in a short-but-sweet time. Even when Mya is all alone, she can get your jizz-release function going, just with her sexy twerking, dancing and ass-popping antics.
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Born: 1977-05-06
Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Height: 5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
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