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Nat Turnher

Nat Turnher

What can you say about a dude who’s rocked his cock in close to 600 movies and thousands of pussies and assholes? You say, “Thank you, Nat Turnher, for letting us watch as you show those babes and bitches the time of their lives.” Nat’s got a rod so hot that these girls need to wet it in their mouths, and suck it down to room temperature, before attempting to insert it up their cooters and pooters. “Insert slowly,” is always a key bit of advice, because with his tennis-ball canister of a shlong, it’s always a bit of a stretch for maximum penetration. Nat, however, never gives up, and always manages to pummel to the hilt when he finally makes those slut-holes open up for his man-shaft. Whether sweet black booty, pasty white bitches, Latinas, Asians or Euro whores, Nat’s swollen secondary head has seen the inside of an international collection of lady parts. Standing at over 6 feet tall, with more than 200lbs of muscle, this guy can lift a chick up and toss her around on his dick like it ain’t no thang. He’s got that tough New York attitude which he brings with him across the country as he fucks his way from coast to coast. When Nat’s dipstick isn’t plugging holes, he’s big into sports cars. As an auto mechanics enthusiast, he knows a thing or two about boring cylinders, and his big ball bearings and driveshaft are always ready to be greased.
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Born: 1975-12-02
Birthplace: Roosevelt, New York, United States
Height: 6 ft 0 in (183 cm)
Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)
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