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Riley Jensen

Riley Jensen

Tight, skinny, and not too tall, Riley Jensen may seem like a tiny little package, but she makes up for it by packing a mega-huge fuck punch of pure sexual energy. If you were able to tap that, you’d get your balls glowing and humming like they were hooked up to horny generators. She’s a bit of a bad-ass chick with a sleeve of tats and a ‘fuck it’ attitude, which only makes her smut scenes even hotter. Although Riley has been known to savor the taste of a big dick from time to time, what really gets this girl frothing at the cunt is some hot and heavy lesbian fun. Riley really knows how to make those pussy flowers open up and bloom for her. When she gets the slightest whiff of an excited snatch, Riley feels the Sapphic beast grow hungry deep inside her own cooter. She’s an expert cunnilingus and analingus delivery babe who always demands that the favor be returned in her superbly fine pussy. This all-American cunt junky comes from an Italian household, where her parents instilled in her that Mediterranean lust for life. She took that lesson and got into the porno game at age 20, with her first role in “Seduced by a Real Lesbian”. Now, she’s built up a good list of credits in the girl-on-girl erotica scene, with a few good masturbatory solo scenes, too. If her cuteness doesn’t blow your nut sack, then her shiny vagina surely will.
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Born: 1990-08-28
Birthplace: Stockton, California, United States
Height: 5 ft 0 in (152 cm)
Weight: 97 lbs (44 kg)
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