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Simone Peach

Simone Peach

Simone Peach is a textbook example of a supercharged slut. All she thinks about is sucking, fucking, rimming and double-dipping. Being in porn and broadcasting her hot naked body over the Internet makes her drip from the cunt, because she loves imagining the hordes of horny men pulling their turkey-necks in her honor. Simone is a pretty tall babe with crazy long legs that are thin as stilts, but yet she still rocks a phat, booming booty. That ass of hers has such nice curves that NASCAR drivers jerk off to it before every race. Simone knows how to use her assets, and she puts her backdoor VIP entrance to constant use, letting in only the biggest dicks in to her party. Simone is another stunner from the Czech Republic. Most of her very first movies were intense anal productions, like “Anal Expedition”, “Anal Intensive”, and “Black in the Ass”. No anal scene is complete for Simone if she can’t clean those assy dicks off in her whorish mouth until they glisten like polished chrome. When it’s time for the money-shot, Simone always has a tough decision to make, but mostly loves swallowing that jizz if it doesn’t end up in her ass or on her tits. A true Bohemian cock-magnet, Simone can barely get her fill of royal shafts, whether it’s in Eastern Europe or the West Coast of the USA.
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Also Known As mandy saxo
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