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Stacy Adams

Stacy Adams

Black, busty and beautiful, Stacy Adams is an instant cream job if any of those adjectives make your dick twitch or your pussy purr. She’s a real sweet, chocolaty chunk of fun, fuckable flesh. Stacy is brimming with horny energy, and you can hear her mouth get full of salival excitement when she knows a dude is reaching for his python to let her suck it whole. No cock is too big for Stacy to get balls-to-chin on, although, only the biggest dicks in the biz can handle giving this Ebony goddess a real tit job. Those knockers are the real deal, and they clock in at 38F, for Fantastic. If that dick doesn’t have some serious inch-worthiness, it would disappear in that heaving cleavage of hers in no time. Of course, like any great Black babe, Stacy also has a jiggly, junk-filled ass that she puts to good use in all of her work. Whether sitting down and smothering some face, or bending over and getting a good dick prod between those cheeks, she’s an anal freak. Rub some hot body oil on her tits or ass and try to keep your eyes from cumming, let alone keep your hands on your keyboard. A favorite over at Exquisite, Black Ice, and West Coast Productions, Stacy’s done a hefty amount of awesome fuck scenes, and we Pornhub junkies have assembled some of the best for you. So grab your wang, or twiddle your clit, and blow off some steam.
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Born: 1984-11-19
Birthplace: California, United States
Height: 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)
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