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Stacy Silver

Stacy Silver

How is it that the Czech Republic can consistently pump out so many top-quality gals with mega-horny dispositions? It’s like a mighty forest, with every tree competing for the sunlight, so they all grow tall, straight, and proud. But in the Czech Republic, all the babes are competing for the hardest dicks, the juiciest cunts, and the most on-camera sexy time. If there is one girl who has upped the bar, it’s Stacy Silver. A blonde bombshell with naughty eyes and thick pink lips, Stacy can suck the cum from a dick just by inhaling from across the room. She sought out the most talented doctors, engineers, and artists to fit her with a rack of masterpiece proportions. Her 36D boobs have such perfect shape, curve, firmness, and spacing that they should’ve won the team who created them some kind of Nobel prize for contributions to our spank-bank. For Stacy, there was never really any question when it came to her career, and, at 20, she jumped right into some nasty and filthy fuck jobs. They say practice makes perfect, but Stacy didn’t slowly ease those cocks into one hole before another. She instantly spread open all three holes and had them royally stuffed from the get-go. This is the kind of whore who’ll jerk herself off before getting out of bed, suck a cock for breakfast, have a lesbian squirt orgy for lunch, then spend the rest of the afternoon and night getting double and triple penetrated. You’ve gotta admire Stacy’s quest to be Bohemia’s best!
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Born: 1981-06-07
Birthplace: Czech Republic
Height: 5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)
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