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Valeria Azevedo
Valeria Azevedo
Valeria Azevedo sometimes goes by the name Carmen Diaz, but we would take Carmen over Cameron any day of the week. While the mainstream actress is hot, Valeria is a four-alarm fire of throb-inducing mania. Valeria is from Rio de Janeiro, and Brazilian chicks are obviously famous for a few main things: super sluttiness, nice asses, and sexy tan-lines. And Valeria has all of the above. Her gorgeous swollen D-cup gazungas always sport those signature spaghetti-strap bikini tan-lines, which only serve to make them look even bigger. It’s crucial for her to keep some attention on her tits, lest all eyes shoot straight for her rockin’ Brazilian booty. With some South American coconut oil on those sweet ass-cheeks of hers, you’ll wanna dig your fingers through that flesh and slide your tongue up and down that crack. Valeria uses her anal assets to their best potential, shooting mostly scenes that give her the butt-pounding she always craves. You’d think with all of Valeria’s spunky energy that she would be some young and dumb slut, but she isn’t. She’s a wise MILF with loads of experience smothering boy toys in her ass powers or giving some of that maternal mouth-loving to those long shlongs. When Valeria opens up to take a thick bone into her mouth, the guy’s balls practically turn bright red from working overtime to produce extra cum packets for her throat, mouth, tits and thigh pie.
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Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Height: 0 ft 0 in ( cm)
Weight: 0 lbs ( kg)
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