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Forget the Warrior Princess. Ebony fuck star Xena is the Whorrior Princess. She’s a super dark and juicy blackberry of a porn goddess. Even her pussy is black, but she’s excitable enough that it’s always secreting girl-jizz, which makes it glow in the dark for easy access. She might not be that tall at 5’2”, but that just makes it easier for her to suck a dick without getting on her knees. That said, it’s much nicer to see her bent over and sticking that melonous rump up in the air. Xena is a Miami girl and still calls the sunny East Coast paradise her home. When she made the decision to get started in the smut game, she put her best asset forward. This slut didn’t waste any time working her way through the genres. She spread those heaving ass cheeks and plugged up her butthole with cock from the get-go. Some of her very first titles were “Big Booty Oil Fighting Championship”, “Big Phat Onion Butts”, and “Thick Black Butt Wit Busted Nut”. If it’s not a wang she’s getting anally penetrated by, she’ll strap a dildo on a girlfriend and let her go to Ass Town. Xena stole the show in the popular Score Studio’s film “Big Ass Bootcamp” where she pins her badunkadunk in competition with other fat-assed babes. When Xena spreads some shiny booty oil on that thick tush of hers, it’s impossible not to ram your face through your computer screen.
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Birthplace: Miami, Florida, United States
Height: 5 ft 2 in (157 cm)
Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)
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