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Since the release of our 2017 Year In Review, we haven’t stopped looking into the results! Our friends over at Mashable asked us to take another look at some of the stats, but this time with the most popular searches by each state in the USA. They might all fly one flag, but the states aren’t always united in their taste for porn.

‘Lesbian’ is the number one most popular searched term by almost all of the states, minus Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa! These states and New Hampshire had MILF as their most searched term for the year. Alaska was more interested in ‘hentai’ (a genre of anime and manga pornography) in 2017, and visitors from Hawaii favored ‘asian’ as their top search.

When it comes to pornstars, Riley Reid (nsfw) was 2017’s top search across most of the U.S., with Kim Kardashian (nsfw) being the favorite for Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota AND of course the hotter, hot spots like Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. The other most searched for pornstars include Pinky (nsfw) in Mississippi and Louisiana, and Paige in Wyoming and Alaska. Paige is actually a WWE wrestler (competing in the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match later on this month… TBC) who had a sex tape released in 2017, which accounts for the high increase in curiosity and searches!

Below are the top gaining searches of 2017 by state, based on their proportional increase in popularity compared to the previous year. ‘Cheerleader’ gained the most searches down south, however, the cooler states were feeling just as cheery this year (Wisconsin, Michigan, New York etc). The search for ‘Giantess’ aka a female giant was the BIGGEST increase for Vermont and New Hampshire…reasons unknown but would likely be hard to miss if we stumbled upon it.

More West Virginian’s took up ‘smoking’ (searches) in 2017, and North Dakota showed more interest in ‘squirting’. Many parts of the U.S. followed the worldwide trend and discovered ‘hentai’ in 2017. In Alaska — the only state where ‘hentai’ actually ranks #1 — searches increased in 2017 for ‘sfm’, short for Source Filmmaker, a popular 3D modelling tool used to generate hentai porn videos.

We have some interesting finds for relative terms searched more often when compared to other states! Specifically, in North Dakota and Alaska where the ‘do not cum challenge’ was more searched than anywhere else in the USA. It’s a game where you follow three simple rules and all the while, try not to cum (we can guess how this game finishes). Much of hentai’s popularity appears to come from the eastern states like Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona. Searches for ‘milf’ are more popular in central states like South Dakota, Kansas, Iowa and Wisconsin.

The hairiest state in the union happens to be Wyoming, where ‘furry’ (which is exactly as it sounds, but worth a google search) is searched more often than anywhere else in the country. Visitors from Colorado are more likely to search ‘pov’ (point of view) videos. Searches for ‘giantess’ were big up-north, along with ‘orgy’. In 2017, a large number of Southern states showed their lover for interracial porn with ‘black girl white guy’ being searched there far more often than elsewhere in the Untied States.

In the USA the average time spent per visit is 10 minutes and 33 seconds, Mississippi, however, took their time in 2017 and spent 11 minutes and 33 seconds each time they visited the site. This must have rubbed off on their neighbors because Alabama was right behind them with no sense of urgency in 2017, being the second state to take their time during their visit to the site. Other states had places to be such as Oregon, Idaho, and Kansas, who spent the least amount of time on the site compared to the other states, spending 9 minutes and 5 seconds.

Be sure to check out our complete 2017 Year in Review to see how the United States compares to other countries around the world!

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