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September means the beginning of sweater weather, the return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and the launch of a new iPhone. Now that the highly anticipated iPhone 6s line has finally hit stores and is smashing sales records, the Pornhub statisticians have decided to dig through the data and found out what it is that separates iPhone-wielding Pornhub users from our Android-loyal visitors, in terms of how they interact with the site and what kinds of content they prefer. Currently, just over 60% of our traffic comes from mobile devices, so without any further ado, let’s take a look at what makes each of these major subsets of Pornhub’s viewership tick.

We’ll start by taking a look at how traffic shares for iOS and Android have grown over the course of the last 5 years. As depicted in the chart below, back in 2010, traffic originating from devices operating on either iOS or Android accounted for a mere 12% of overall traffic collectively. Jump forward to today, and this figure has shot up to a whopping 63%.


To get even more specific, we’ve also tallied which types of mobile devices that our different OS-grouped users come to us from most. Interestingly, Android-based users take the lion’s share of traffic shares when it comes to phone-based traffic but iOS really cleans up on the tablet front. That being said, you might want to make sure that you wash your hands after handling someone else’s iPad…


When choosing a mobile device, speed and and overall performance are generally taken into account. Here we’re looking at how long iOS users tend to spend on site on average, per visit as well as how many different pages are visited per session, compared to Android fans. If we’re going for efficiency here,  iOS-based users get the job done faster. They tend to spend a mere 8 minutes and 40 seconds on site when they visit Pornhub and tend to reach satisfaction after just 9.8 page views. There is also an argument to be made for lasting power, which is where Android users shine. They spend a leisurely average 10:06 per visit and peak out at 10.9 page views.


Android and iOS-based users also have their own distinct tastes with regards to the types of content that they enjoy on their respective devices. To illustrate this best, our statisticians took a look at which categories earned proportionally more views from one OS group to the other. Check out our findings in the chart below.


iOS users – let that freak flag fly. This group views videos in the Bondage and Fetish categories 105% and 66% more than Android users, who appear to prefer ebony and cartoon-themed content significantly more. Android users also enjoy more full-figured women in their porn, in that they view videos in Pornhubs’s BBW category 138% more than iOS users, while iOS users like their ladies mature, as made evident by the fact that these viewers browse videos in our MILF and Mature categories 134% and 70% more than Android users. Let’s move on with a look at which specific terms are searched for proportionally more within each group when compared to the other.


Within these proportional search differences, what really sets the two groups apart aside from content type is the way that they search. iOS users keep it simple with 1-2 keywords being used per search, whereas Android users get more specific, often using 3-4 descriptors to find the content that they want. Again here, we see Android users searching for a lot more ebony-themed content than iOS users, who are more interested in content featuring sex between step-relatives. We’ve also got the data representing the overall top searches on each operating system.


If you’re a regular Pornhub Insights reader, you’ll notice that the top searches here very closely resemble the top searches we often report for Pornhub overall. This is simply because mobile now accounts for so much of our overall traffic use, but there are a few notable differences between the two groups. Both search for lesbian-themed content the most overall, but iOS users have more mature-themed searches like ‘step mom,’ ‘milf’ and ‘mom’ charting higher on their list, indicating a stronger preference for older women in this group. Searches for ebony and cartoon-themed content rank higher with team Android. On to a look at leading ladies by operating system.


iOS seems to have been team MILF up until now, but Android wins out on this front with their crowning of MILF queen Lisa Ann (NSFW) as their most searched for porn star. Indian favorite Sunny Leone (NSFW) also ranks high here, undoubtedly because of the high proportion of Android-based traffic originating from India. iOS, on the other hand, leads with Kim Kardashian in 1st place, stoner babe Madison Ivy (NSFW) in 4th and anal queen Asa Akira (NSFW) in 5th.


We’ll shift the focus over to geography now, to take a look at where each operating system is more popular in different parts of the world, as well as within the US. First off is a breakdown of traffic shares within the top 20 countries that bring the most overall traffic to Pornhub.


Within the high proportion of traffic that comes to Pornhub from mobile devices, 48% of the shares come from Android-based devices, accounting for the majority, with iOS-based devices coming in at a close second with 46% of shares. The United States, the UK, Canada and Australia are all much bigger iOS users, whereas countries like Brazil, Argentina and India all have many more Android users. With the exception of Australia, iOS use is more popular in the North, and Android in the South.


This is not unique to Pornhub, however. This interactive heatmap from statcounter illustrates where each operating system is more popular around the globe, and the findings there very closely resemble our own.The heat maps below further illustrate where iOS use is more prominent…


…as well as where Android users dominate.


For this next section we’ll be honing in on the United States, starting with this simple map showing the states where iOS and Android are each respectively more popular. Overwhelmingly, it’s a sea of blue. Though in many states the proportions are nearly neck to neck and only differ by a few percentage points, iOS does dominate in nearly every state with the exception of Texas and South Carolina.


This next chart indicates which states have the highest proportions of both Android and iOS traffic. iOS scores especially high in New England and the non-contiguous states, notably Vermont, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Alaska and New Jersey. Much like in the world at large, higher proportions of Android users are located in the southern states, namely South Carolina, Texas and Alabama.


These north-south trends are again further illustrated in these heatmaps, beginning with the distribution of iOS users throughout the country,


and wrapping up this section with this visualization of where Andoroid use is more prevalent.


To finish off, we’ve got some demographic-based data for you, starting with gender. As it stands, women currently account for about 24% of Pornhub’s overall traffic. This number climbs slightly to 25.5% when we isolate and examine only mobile traffic, though there isn’t much difference between the different operating systems in terms of gender distribution.


When it comes to age, mobile users fall on the younger end of the spectrum, when compared to Pornhub’s overall age demographics. For instance, 31% of Pornhub viewers fall in the 18-24 cohort and another 30% in the 25-34 group, or 61% together. When we look at mobile traffic alone, millennials account for slightly higher traffic proportions, specifically 66.1%.


Here ends our latest Operating System battle. Were you surprised by anything that you read? Let us know in the comment section below. We’ll be back before you know it with more Pornhub Insights, so be sure to check back soon!

Norway Update

We got a request from our friends over at to take a look at how these traffic shares have changed over the years in Norway. As you can see in the chart below, iOS reigns supreme in the country, now taking the lead with 42% of traffic shares, a figure which has literally doubled since 2010.


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    Would love to see error bars for for some of the direct platform comparisons (e.g. session time by mobile OS), to get some idea of how ‘significant’ the differences between mobile OS users are.

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  • George W Sowerby Jr

    As a gay male, I am both extremely surprised and disappointed that you limited your study to straight porn stats.

    • alex_pornhub

      We didn’t, if you take a look at top categories by OS, there are gay ones included. This data represents all site traffic from mobile devices, we did not isolate and only report on straight porn.

    • Ryan

      You’re an idiot. Try actaully reading the information before you criticize it.

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      I can only assume, you both extremely surprised and disappointed your fellow gay males with your stupidity.

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  • Someone

    Is the first graph scale wrong? Why is March of every year coming after September of the same year?

    • alex_pornhub

      No, it is not wrong. We wanted to depict a 5 year period with limited space so we went by 6 month intervals.

      • SomeGuy

        I think what he meant to say was that why is March coming after September instead of the other way round? The scale says Sept 2010, Mar 2010, Sept 2011…. instead of Mar 2010, Sept 2010, Mar 2011.

        • mike_pornhub

          Oh dear, you’re right! The data was correct but the years were typed incorrectly. We’ve fixed the dates and our designer who prepared the charts has been fired. J/K.

  • Василий Кудрявцев

    How do you get user’s age?

    • alex_pornhub

      All of our data is derived from google analytics

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        Thank you.

      • Melanie

        What percent of your traffic actually has age tied to it? I’m curious because unsurprisingly it’s not a standard Google Analytics demographic report. Google tries estimating it based on other sites that user has visited.

      • trembue

        Clearly you meant Google Anal-ytics?

        • alex_pornhub

          69 points for you

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    I always change my UA to iPad when I browse porntubes. It’s the only way to enforce HTML5 on desktop.

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    No Indonesia in top 20? that’s weird.

  • What about under 18 users ?
    Teens are the most curious lot.

    • alex_pornhub

      Our site is strictly 18+

      • Ken14

        Yes. You referred to using Google Analytics to determine age and gender. So it would be interesting to see, if Google does agree with no under 18s coming to your site. I some how doubt it.

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    it would be interesting to see terms breakdown by country to see most filthy countries… 🙂

  • Bull Winkle

    This is like comparing the demographics of an engine, to a BMW 5-Series. Android is an engine that can be put into a free phone, or an $800 phone. You’re comparing it to iOS, which is really just an expensive phone. If you really wanna control for the difference in price and focus on the OS, compare the usage of a Galaxy S to an iPhone.

    • alex_pornhub

      keep in mind that tablets are also counted in mobile traffic

  • Saijin_Naib

    Any chance you guys would take a deeper look at the “Other” platform data in a similar fashion as you have done for Android and iOS in this study?

    I think that’d be very interesting.

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    I must admit you guys have some impressive analytics here. Nice.

    • alex_pornhub


  • I’d love to see some actual total numbers in addition to the percentages. You’re talking growth and share, but without actual head-counts for those percentages (particularly those shown over time) being provided it reeks of card-stacking your results.

    But then there’s a reason I think Google Analytics is a giant scam.

    That said at least you are declaring it as growth — I’ve already seen a few people quoting this type of data as “the death of the desktop” when quite clearly by your charts it isn’t – since it says right there you grew your desktop userbase as well.

    … meaning your numbers are more meaningful than what most people seem to use to claim IE is dead in terms of “browser share”.

    For example, sure IE had 95% of the market in 2003… Now IE has anywhere from 25 to 45% of the market (depending on who’s numbers you use). People use those “share” numbers to claim IE has lost users. But in 2004 there were only around 650 million internet users, today there’s over 3.2 billion — now I’m no mathemagician, but I’m pretty sure 800 million (25% of 3200) is more than 617 million (95% of 650)… meaning IE hasn’t “lost” jack ****; they simply failed to expand as fast or break into certain markets! They may have “lost” share, but share is actually pretty meaningless if the pool size changes!

    Which is why seeing the pool size is just as important as the percentages, otherwise you lack perspective and/or the complete picture. I’m ALWAYS suspicious when I see percentages listed without anywhere it saying “Yes, but a percentage of WHAT?!?”

    • alex_pornhub

      We account for overall traffic growth when compiling and charting our data. In addition to this, we have over 60 million visitors coming to Pornhub every day, meaning that the pool size/data set is quite substantial. We do, however, factor in that a few years ago, this figure was closer to 30 million when we present these types of stats.

      • Hence why you said growth on most of them — it would still be nice to see those numbers of 60 million today vs. 30 million then just so as to have a sense of scale.

        Would be really fun to chart ACTUAL number of users. Move “desktop” to the bottom and chart it by number of users…

        50% “growth” out of 10 million users is the same thing as 25% growth of 20 million users after all. That’s the “trap” of percentages.

        To put it in really low easily relatable numbers you could go from having 1 iOS user visiting a site to having 5 visitors and claim 500% growth on IOS… while claiming only 5% growth on desktop even though I gained 20 users.

        It’s why I don’t trust percents if they aren’t backed up with a total number. Without saying “of how many” or simply charting “how many ACTUAL in total” saying “growth” is pretty much meaningless and/or intentional card stacking.

  • RonJeremy

    Poland number one among top20 with android users and from previous insight, number one in searches for “legs”. Maybe an insight on Poland?

  • Random guy

    What software do you use for drawing the heat maps and charts?

    • mike_pornhub

      It’s a combination of Photoshop and various charting and graphing tools. Whatever suits the data we want to represent.

  • Random guy

    In particular, which software did you use for this pretty demographic heat map?

  • CastingVids&BayesianInference

    Greetings, website analytics professional here!

    Have you guys given any thought to taking this one step further? Like, looking at distributions instead of averages? Maybe some hypothesis testing? Or perhaps trying to predict a user’s demo/geography based on their fap patterns? (RandomForest classifiers) Is search frequency of certain terms predictive of viewership on other dates/times? In other regions? Does search traffic inform predictions in the stock market? Or the outcome of fan voting in “america’s got talent?” Does a bigger Mega-Millions jackpot lead to more Jacking Off? Does the nature of the first video viewed have an impact on the length of the visit? (certain vid categories have higher load-blow potential). Or does a user’s first video tend to be softer, maybe a warmup? Can you give us some insights into the recommendation engine, at least some rudimentary examples? Are there clusters of users who behave similarly, regardless of region or demographics (hint hint: K-Means clustering). I could go on and on; an Anal-ytics multiple nerdgasm, if you will…

    Simple sample proportions are meaningless without confidence intervals and p-values. It’s only an insights blog if the outcomes are actionable… I’ll gladly ghostwrite some of this stuff for you if you’re looking for someone who is willing to dive into these questions and has the knowledge to do something useful with the answers. All I ask for in return is some store credit and maybe a six pack now and then

    Well educated 20something male with typical sex-drive & a penchant for math/comp-sci

    • alex_pornhub

      We’re very interested in speaking with you guys about this! Can you please shoot me an email at ?

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    Great insights!
    It would be interesting to see statistic of mobile app vs mobile web?

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