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Pornhub Insights last took a detailed look at BBW searches (aka Big Beautiful Women) way back in 2015. In the meantime, BBW searches have continued to appear in numerous Insights posts like our annual Year in Review and niche topics like Feeder Fetish. MEL Magazine asked us to take a more detailed look at what keeps big women hugely popular on Pornhub.

BBW related searches have changed since 2015 with ‘ebony bbw’ now taking the top spot and ‘milf bbw’ also seeing a big increase.

Men are 21% more likely to search for BBW when compared to women. Visitors aged 18 to 24 are -34% less likely to search BBW when compared to all other age groups, with visitors over 65 being equally uninterested in BBW.

Visitors between the ages of 35 to 44 are most interested in BBW, with popularity being 25% greater when compared to all other age groups.

Worldwide, it’s still countries from the African continent that proportionately search the most for BBW videos. Nigeria takes the top spot followed by Ghana, Kenya and Egypt. The United States comes in at 10th for popularity, the United Kingdom at 12th and Canada 20th.

In 2015 it was the state of Georgia that was most likely to search for BBW, but today it’s West Virginia that’s 24% more likely to search BBW compared to the national average. Generally, it’s the Southern States like Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina that are most interested in BBW.

BBW searches are the least popular in Hawaii, Utah, California and Colorado.

Worldwide, the popularity of BBW searches (as a proportion of all searches) decreased slightly over the last 2 years. That’s not to say that Big Beautiful Women aren’t as popular as ever, but as Pornhub’s traffic has grown in certain parts of the world, other genres make up a larger portion of total searches (for example, Hentai’s popularity in Japan).

If we compare the popularity of BBW searches worldwide to those of the United States, we can see that American’s desire for Big Beautiful Women has remained relatively consistent from 2015 to 2019.

The pornstar and model names most often combined with BBW searches are as follows.

  1. tiffany star
  2. sofia rose
  3. chole bigcutie
  4. ms marshae
  5. crystal blue
  6. lisa sparxxx
  7. thunda859
  8. mazzeratie monica
  9. anastasia vanderbust
  10. nikki nailz
  11. kelly divine

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