Cleveland Insights During 2016 RNC

Cleveland, Ohio received a surge of visitors this week as people attend the 2016 Republican National Convention. The RNC estimates that around 50,000 people will attend the convention, including up to 15,000 media representatives. The Cleveland Police have also stated that there may be as many as 18,000 protesters entering Cleveland. That’s a very large increase to Cleveland’s normal 390,000 population, and there’s a good chance that some of these attendees are part of Pornhub’s 60+ million daily visitors. With this in mind, our statisticians set out to see how Cleveland’s Pornhub viewership may have changed since the convention started on July 18.

Overall we saw a 4.2% increase in traffic from the Cleveland area between July 18-21. Most of that traffic change came from mobile devices, which can indicate they are more likely to be visitors to the area. We found a 648% increase in searches containing the word “trump”, and a 204% increase in searches related to “muslim” and “arab” content. Visits to Pornhub’s gay site increased by nearly 8% from July 18-21.


Proportionally, the biggest traffic change happened in the over-65 age group where we saw a 10% increase in visits. We also found a 6% increase in visitors between the ages of 55-64.

In the Cleveland area we found that certain categories had a significant increase in views between July 18-21. The biggest increase of 421% went to the “Gay – Hunks” category, followed by a 225% increase in the “Gay – Group” sex category.


The statistics presented on Pornhub Insights come from Google Analytics. Part of Google’s anonymized data includes ‘affinities’, which determines a users’ likely interests based on their Google search history and web browsing habits. Using this affinity data, we were able to find what type of interest groups had increased traffic in the Cleveland area from July 18-21.

The largest 18% traffic increase came from people known to be “Political Junkies”, followed by “News Junkies” and “Social Media Enthusiasts” at 15% each.


Beginning July 18, we found that searches containing “trump” began to increase significantly in the Cleveland area. On July 20 all “trump” searches were up 705%, and searches relating to Donald Trump’s wife Melania were up 1477%.


We hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

  • Fed Up

    Are you going to do the same for the DNC?

    • They did.

      “Although Cleveland’s Pornhub traffic increased during the RNC, we found no measurable increase in Philadelphia from July 25th to 28th.”


      It’s on the Trump vs Clinton Searches article, near the bottom.

      You people are all old, 55+ closet homos!


      • Branchie

        Or maybe because nobody was interested in the DNC, lol.

  • I sent this info to several columnists at the Washington Post.

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