Coachella Festival Insights

For two weekends in April, over 100,000 music lovers head to Indio California for one of the greatest annual music festivals: Coachella. Indio is part of the greater Palm Springs area, and the influx of visitors causes a large increase in Pornhub Traffic over the course of just a few days.

From Friday April 14 to 16, our statisticians found an overall 8% increase in Palm Springs metro area traffic (which includes Indio and the Coachella Valley). Sunday had the largest increase of 9% above average levels. On the second weekend, traffic increased by 9% with only a 4% change on Friday but 11% on Saturday and 12% on Sunday.

During the first weekend, the largest change happened in the 25 to 34 age group with a 14% increase in traffic. At the same time, traffic from 18 to 24 and 35 to 44 year olds increased by 6%. On the second weekend, our statisticians only noticed a 5% increase in the 25 to 34 group, while 18 to 25 and 35 to 44 increased by 14% and 15% respectively.

Traffic from visitors over the age of 45 dropped significantly both weekends, suggesting that some Palm Springs Area residents may have taken their own vacation out of town, to avoid the influx of young festival goers.

Media coverage of the festival caused worldwide searches containing “coachella” to increase by 264% after the first weekend, and remained higher throughout the week. As the second weekend began, searches again increased by 172%. While “coachella” was the most popular search by volume, the second most popular was “coachella girls nude”.

From April 14 to 23, many specific searches increased dramatically across the state of California. “Music festival amateur” and “music festival girls” were up 1433% and 744% respectively. “Tent sex” went up 216%, and “festival tent” up 167% compared to daily averages. We also saw increased in “concert” (110%), “festival” (73%) and even searches for “burning man” went up 266% over the weekend. Searches for musicians like “kendrick lamar” (138%) and “lady gaga” (48%) also saw above average increases.

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