Popularity of Duke Pornstar Belle Knox on Pornhub

Belle Knox is hardly the first University student to do porn in order to pay tuition, but she’s the first whose outing by a fellow student caused a national firestorm of media coverage. In case you haven’t caught wind of this story yet, here’s the low down. Belle Knox (a.k.a. The Duke University Pornstar), a freshman at Duke University, was outed when a classmate of hers recognized her from one of her videos.

News of Belle’s part time porn work took off like a firestorm, starting mid-February in Durham (where Duke University is located), then across North Carolina, the United States and Worldwide. Pornhub’s statisticians analyzed the data in these key regions to see how interest in her videos compared to the international media coverage her story received.

belle-knox-searches-time2By mid-March nearly 3% of all Pornhub searches in Durham were seeking Belle’s videos, plus 1.6% in North Carolina and 0.8% across the United States. And although 0.4% of worldwide searches might not sound like a lot, when you compare that to Pornhub’s average of 35 million daily visitors, it adds up to a lot of Belle searches each day.


Belle states that she began staring in adult films to help pay for her college tuition. The Pornhub team took notice of her popularity among users, and also her ability to handle the media surrounding her story. She was quickly offered a paid internship at Pornhub which she happily accepted. We all look forward to working with Belle who will be helping out with Pornhub’s social media and marketing!

  • Eddie Vedder

    lol…only in america…we should be proud.. no, im serious we should, as in middle east they would execute this girl without a doubt, and in the UK they censor porn, as grown adult you would not even be able to be choose to watch her get naked

    • Danger Mouse

      good point. I have never understood why people have no issue with stomach churning violence but get all publicly faux outraged at a beautiful person being naked and enjoying themselves. Strange value system.

    • Johnny

      I agree completely. Go America and best of luck to Belle.

    • Thomas Rakewell

      This is perhaps the most reasonable, balanced comments section I’ve seen on the internet. People mostly supporting an individual and putting things in their wider context.

      Well done, internet.

    • Mike Newlad

      Hi there, I’m an adult in the UK. Porn is not censored. I can access Porn Hub and search for this girl at will.

      The thing I think you’re referring to is that the UK government recently forced ISP’s to turn parental guidance of porn sites on for NEW customers, unless the customer actively requests that they don’t. In other words, if you want porn, you simply enable it in the same way you enable it on your cable box, rather than it coming enabled by default.

      This only affects new customers, IE, I never had to opt in to porn because by the time they enacted this, I had an ISP.

  • Ionithus

    Yes, the stuff she had to go through was bad…but I figured this would boost her “ratings”, cash flow..

    • stank ho


      • Ionithus

        What’s even more gross is that this appears to have grown into a publicity stunt by the victim. Note I didn’t put “victim” in quotes because she was (I can’t verify how bad it was since I wasn’t there) and I stated “appears” so no need for all of the porn lovers to come out and blast me for my statement.

  • RCDavis

    I must be missing some group gene that many others seem to express, as I don’t understand the prurient fascination on other’s sex lives.

    It just seems bizarre to me that anyone would care with whom I have sex, or how often , or how many. And on the flip side, why on earth would I waste mental effort on that question of other – unless they were a potential mate.

    I hope Belle cleans up (financially) from this sad episode of bad-group-behaviour, and that she continues to stick to her principles.

    Go Belle!

  • Comment Zilla

    She’s not that hot.

    • pickleweedpete

      Well, she’s cute, but so are a lot of girls. Her intelligence seems just average. I don’t think she’s going to go very far.

      • Comment Zilla

        My wife looks cuter and she had a baby.

        • Digital_EE

          maybe your wife should be in porn. no disrespect or flaming intended – but you see, the article does not discuss the actress’s beauty. i therefore feel your comment is slightly off topic as you are now judging her looks. With this said, I am eager to watch your wife have sex, so that I myself could validate the truth behind your argument.

          • sexynykki

            I agree. If he is hesitant to post a hubby/wife amateur video, I would love to go in front of the camera with her, and help us all see if his wife is a milf that can look as good as Belle in action. Assuming he is clean (no stds) he can join also. We’ll have a trifecta plus…. I’m teen, the wife is milf, we’re girl on girl and with him it’s threesome. I can call him daddy, while she ties me down… We can stack on the tags all night long… just get a hold of me, on my pornhub page, comment zilla and we’ll arrange it. I am absolutely serious.

      • tenyako

        How, exactly did you evalute her intelligence – based on her movies?

  • Richard Smith

    Um. Numbers do not add up. 0.38% of 35,000,000 is 133,000 not 1,300,000. Or is the average number of searches/visitor 10?

    • Pornhub Katie

      Nice catch!

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