Fortnite Server Outage

At 2pm ET on April 11th, servers for the popular online shooter Fortnite went down, and remained offline until 2pm the following day. The team at PCGamesN asked if this downtime might have affected searches and traffic to Pornhub.

Pornhub’s statisticians found that searches for “Fortnite” increased by as much as 60% during the 24 hour period, as hardcore players headed to Pornhub for their Fortnite fix. Shortly after access to the server resumed, searches for “Fortnite” returned to normal levels.

Using “affinity” data provided by Google Analytics, our statisticians were able to view traffic changes from visitors who are interested in video games. We found that traffic from “gaming fans” increased shortly after the server outage began, and remained higher than normal over the entire 24 hour period. Gamer traffic was 9.8% above average just 3 hours before server access resumed, after which traffic dropped below normal levels.

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