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Fitness porn is a popular genre among Pornhub viewers, and yoga related videos in particular have been on the rise the last few years. In fact, yoga searches have nearly doubled since 2012. When Pornhub Insights last looked at the most searched for occupations on Pornhub we found that Gymnast and Yoga Instructor were not far behind popular choices like Teacher, Babysitter and Nurse. Our friends at asked us to take a look at the popularity of yoga porn.


Around April of 2015 we saw a large spike in yoga searches after Brazzers released a new orgy video themed around a yoga class. Not long after, Pornhub Insights collaborated with to study the porn interests of Millennials. Thanks to that report, we discovered that yoga was one of the terms searched more often by Millennials when compared to older age groups.

Currently, it’s 18 to 24 year olds who are 63% more likely to be searching for yoga related porn than all other age groups. Pornhub visitors over the age of 55 are 50% less likely to be looking at yoga videos.  When it comes to gender, men are nearly 50% more likely to search for yoga porn than women.


So what type of yoga porn is popular? The list of top searches is split pretty evenly between searches related to clothing and classes. On the outfit side we find “yoga pants”, “ripped yoga pants” and “tight yoga pants” near the top of the list. When it comes to learning new positions, we find that “yoga instructor” is most popular – including the “naughty yoga instructor” variety – along with “yoga class” and “yoga teacher”.


How far do these yoga searches stretch? In 2015 we found over 1000 variations of searches containing the word yoga.

To see if these yoga viewers liked fitness porn in general, we looked at the most common searches preceding a search for yoga. The average person visiting Pornhub views around 8 pages before finding the right video to get the job done. It’s a process of refining results to find the video that fits their current mood.

In the case of yoga searches, the average viewer is interested in all kinds of porn related to fitness. Just before searching for yoga, the most searched for terms include ‘gym’, ‘fitness’, ‘workout’, ‘coach’ and even ‘massage’.


Since we now know a bit more about who is searching for yoga, we wanted to see where they might be searching from. Proportionately, the country that searches for yoga porn more than any other is South Africa. Not far behind is Ireland, Guatemala and Costa Rica.


Thanks for joining us again on this edition of Insights. Are there other porn genres you’d like to learn more about? Let us know in the comments!

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