United Kingdom vs Storm Gertrude

Last week Pornhub Insights looked at site traffic after Snowzilla (aka Storm Jonas) landed on the coast of the United States. We found major increases in traffic in East Coast cities going as high as 25% over average in Washington D.C.  When storm Gertrude hit the United Kingdom just one week later, Metro UK asked if our U.K. friends had the same tendency to stay home and chill out with Pornhub rather than chilling outside.

After crunching the numbers, we did find major traffic changes on Saturday January 30th and Sunday January 31.  Across the United Kingdom traffic increased on average by 6.3%.  Not bad considering they’re our second highest source of traffic after the United States.  In Scotland the larger change happened on Sunday with an 8.9% increase, whereas England and Whales increased more on Saturday than Sunday.

The U.K. city with the biggest overall increase in traffic was Edinburgh, up 8.8% on Saturday and a very impressive 10.3% on Sunday.  Birmingham and Manchester tied for the biggest Saturday increases at 8.9%.  Check out the full list of cities below, and to see how neighboring Ireland stacked up against Gertrude.


Porn fans in the neighboring country of Ireland were equally hit by Gertrude’s gusts, and warmed themselves up watching Pornhub.  Country-wide, Saturday saw the biggest increase of 8.6%, topping out at 10.1% in Cork.  Things had quieted down by Sunday with only a 5.1% average increase above normal traffic levels.


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