Apple’s iPhone X(xx) Live Event

What gets Apple fans harder than Pornhub? New hardware from Apple of course! Apple’s annual fall iPhone Event took place on Tuesday, September 12th and millions tuned in live to watch the unveiling of new phones and other tech. Just as we found during last year’s event, traffic to Pornhub dropped significantly during the live show.

Across the United States, traffic dropped by -7% at 1pm Eastern Time when the live show began, and worldwide was down -4% compared to average time of day traffic levels. Traditionally, Apple restricts the show’s live feed to users of Apple based devices including those on iOS, MacOS and Safari browser. This year however, Windows users of Microsoft’s Edge browser were also invited to tune in.

Among users of Apple’s iOS based mobile devices, traffic dropped by -12% at 1pm, while desktop users of MacOS saw traffic drop by -8%. After the show ended, traffic from iOS users increased +4% above normal time of day levels. Perhaps all those Apple fans were turned on by the new devices and headed to Pornhub for some relief.

Our statisticians next turned their attention to web browsers, to see how interest from Microsoft Windows users compared to those using the Apple based Safari browser. As one might expect, Safari traffic was down -8% at 1pm while Edge saw a drop of -4%. After the show ended, we again saw a slight increase from Safari users of +3% above normal time of day traffic levels.

To see what else gets Apple users excited, we took a look at the most popular search terms on Apple iOS and MacOS. Users of iPhones and iPads are most likely to search for “lesbian”, followed by “milf”, “ebony” and “step mom”. Desktop users of MacOS are most likely to search for “Asian”, followed by “milf”, “massage” and “college”. Ebony is the category of videos most often viewed on iOS mobile devices, followed by Lesbian and MILF. The same categories are the top 3 on MacOS as well, but in the order of Lesbian, MILF and Ebony.

To see how Apple users differ from users of Android devices, our statisticians looked at the relative differences in popularity. When compared to Android, Apple users are 76% more likely to view the Female Friendly category. That fits with a recent Insights study on Women and Technology, which found that women were far more likely to be using Apple devices than Android. Apple users are also 45% more likely to view the Babe category, and 32% more for College videos.

When compared to Apple, Android users are 71% more interested in Virtual Reality content, as well as 51% more into Cosplay and 45% more into Hentai.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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